Death Row


edit: That sounded like something Dragline could have said. I think, in proper context for Willie, he'd have a hog leg to go with the bottle and the girl, too 😉
Anything so innocent and built like that just gotta be named Lucille.

Good get on the Willie Nelson reference.
Best movie ever. Just ask your buddy IB. :sneaky:
I was 14 when I first saw "Cool Hand Luke" as the opening movie for "Klute", which just came out. My friend's older cousin got us in the movie theater even though "Klute" was age-restricted. My friend's cousin asked us which movie we liked best and we said "Cool Hand Luke", by far. He then patronized us by saying, "Yes, I'm not surprised at your age, but 'Klute' was much better and will long be remembered as a classic. 'Cool Hand Luke' won't." Boy, was he wrong. "Klute" was not a bad movie, but it was "Cool Hand Luke" that became the iconic classic.
We've had that conversation.

Whenever I am asked my favorite movie, I always say Cool Hand Luke. He was a natural born world-shaker.
Likeable hardhead - to a fault. A bit of Luke in every man, no? What's your dirt doing in boss's hole?

Tombstone is contending in my book. Ben Hur - my early favorite - played at the drive-in back in the day, followed my The Ten Commandments.