Chca Tennis will be hardest opponet in div 2

tdezi20 said:
well st xavier until you say ur name and speak up...dont be sayin stuff bout me cause ill work u so hard uill never come out again

You will not do anying..

Devin Is a great player but is also very immature..
Teddy, you had your chance to play Devin. All of you had to do was beat Torbeck and you didn't. It sure will be interesting to see if Devin wins the 2nd Singles title of the GCTCA on your home court of CHCA.
tdezi20 said:
good....since i didnt even say nething about all the posts if u dont believe me ....but i want em to be pissed...i want to play him when hes at his best...he just better not hook me

...he just better not hook me whats that supposed to meen.. "Tdezi" oh yeah and howd u do in the coaches classic teddy??? yea thats right
actually, the sycamore match never was pushed back 2 weeks for sycamore to play a league match..but the Braves did beat a Top 10 state team in Walnut Hills 5-0
strunk didnt play... but he said he feels better... nikhil teneja played. ih took vinod from 3 singles and played him at 2 dubs. someone who knows more about tennis than i said that guillame v. on 2 dubs played terrible.
hey guys im from orange in cleveland and we almost beat u.s., we lost 64 in the 3rd at 2 dubs... so we might be playing one of these teams at state... who do you think it is chca or indian hill
For the state tournament, Indian Hill and CHCA are playing soon to determine who will move on to the state quarters to play 7 Hills, which either team should beat. I think Indian Hill will beat CHCA 3-2, but that is only my view with IH winning 2nd singles and both doubles.
when do they play and does anyone know if strunk is going to play in that match or at all? i saw he got 2nd in the state last year in dubs so hes obviously a valuable piece to indian hill.. i dont know who chca has but i doubt if hes playing just from results that anyone would beat him
IH should win the match with or with out Strunk. I am assuming that he is not yet ready to play.
1st singles: Havens over A. McCarthy
2nd singles: D. McCarthy over Dahmus
3rd singles: Shilder over Taneja (not sure who IH would play)
IH would easily take both doubles.
I'm just trying to get a sense for the lineups... what do you think the chances are CHCA would throw 2 and 3 singles considering Shidler and Dahmus played doubles last year, so IH wouldnt easily take both doubles?
CHCA is doing that in the state doubles tournament, but in a state team tournament match. It doesn't make since, becuase then IH would take all 2 of the singles and 2nd doubles.
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Wait, you said earlier that CHCA would win 1st singles... that Havens guy seems pretty sick considering hes state champion... and CHCA's normal 1st doubles team is pretty weak is what you're saying? so there's no chance IH would lose 2 doubles?
My mistake on Havens, and CHCA doubles teams are nothing special. All of the top teams in Cincinnati can beat CHCA in doubles, but most have problems aganist their strong singles lineup. The only way CHCA can beat IH is to take all 3 singles matches, which is unlikely with 2nd singles.