Best Ohio lacrosse teams in 2006?

umm first of all he contributed 2 points. Second of all he played attack and was the only sophmore attackman, under two other seniors and a junior. Third of all none of the other 4 attackmen got substantial playing time. Fourth of all jon saellenger and fred craig both played middie.
maybe according to them......umm not really....magness the best one would be the only one possible of starting next year..but coach has asked him to play middie otherwise....dave long and carroll are the only attack left
STX has some players that will suprise this year. Watch out for a couple no-namers who will make an impact. It's just the way it works.
There is a team in Lima Ohio from Borduex H.S. who just dominate. You haven't seen a lacross team untill you see them.
dont want to sidetrack this thread any more than I have to, but I wanted to respond to Moex and CS about X in '06...

As far as JVA players ready to move up, by my count the varsity squad has approx. 12 spots to fill. So JV players are going to be moving up one way or the other.

I think vanillarollin put it quite nicely. Players will step up and fill those gaps. Names like Magness, Manier, Owens, Kamp, Hill, Gibbonney(sp?), Olsen, that guy who looks and plays like a caveman....all come to mind off the top of my head. X has the coaching and the leadership to get these guys ready.

That said, I think they will surely be in the midst of a rebuilding year, with goaltending and defense as priority weak spots. Hope for a breakout star on that end of the field, and in the meantime, Middies, sack up and prepare to win a few games with heart and hustle.
Was skatepassSHOUT intentional? If so, nicely done.

I can't comment on SCD or Moeller's mottoes. In fact, I chose those words simply because I thought it had a catchy alliterative ring to it. I didnt know that was being used by X this year. I am sure I could have heard/seen it many times before. I guess its a good one, and I do think its appropriate for x's squad this year.
Re: Saint X

moex said:
Moeller has some rebuilding to do as well.

I was under the impression that moe was returning a lot of people...what positions are in need of rebuilding?
Its certainly not a question of talent for moeller. They had plenty of that last year which was shown in their wins against IH, worthington kilborne, and thomas worthington. They had a lack of focus and drive that would ahve given them consistency. This lack of focus was shown in their narrow victories over Lakota, Mariemont, and Coffman who they should be beating by more than 1 or 2 goals, and by their first round playoff loss to IH 14-2
on the crease said:
CS & Skatepassshoot - I see on the lacrosse T-shirt order form that "Head, Heart, Hustle" is the new Saint X motto. If memory serves me correct, Summit already uses that motto? Moeller may also use this under Kennedy in 2006? Anyone know anything about this?

This was X's motto last year. And in reply to skatepassshoot's comment: I believe the only players that ahve possibilities of makin an impact are magness and manier. First of all olson isnt even playing, gibboney didnt do anything for jva last year, and the caveman didnt even start jva. So those 3 are kind out of the question. Hill and Kamp also have possibilities but kamp is a sophmore that wants to play jva....and hill i donno.
CS, I am sure you have the inside track on this year's prospects. My main point was that X's varsity lost twelve(ish) seniors from last year and those empty spots have to be filled by someone.... logically JVA players. As for the players I named, I was simply connecting jersey numbers that stood out (the couple of times I saw them play) with the roster on the OHSLA website. I am actually very curious to see who will make an impact on the varsity level this year. Do you know if anyone will be making the "big leap" e.g. frosh to Varsity or JVB to Varsity.

Whats Hill's story? He was one of the leading scorers on JVA at attack wasn't he?

ummm i dont think there will be any jumps from jvb to varsity i think the only possible one would be kyle johns and thats a big maybe...then only people to make the jump were john saellenger, chad carroll, and chuck barrett. Uhh as for hill i mean hes decent but i wouldnt look for him to make a big impact, let alone get a lot of pt.
does anyone know if any of the xavier freshman are any good? is there any talent that could fill in some spots? i believe there were 20+ seniors with about 15 underclassmen last year. i believe the roster size is going to be 30ish people. those are a lot of spots to fill. for kaminski, he supposedly quit because he didnt have fun last year
To be honest, no frosh have really been noted to have any significant talent like Fred had last year. And about Hill, he's pretty steady but doesn't have the explosion and quickness to keep up at the varsity level. Instead of Hill at attack, Magness should be kept in his natural position instead of switching to mid, in which Collura holds intent. Magness cannot make a significant impact playing mid at first, because he does not know how to play defense. I think he'd get it over time, but he'd best stick to attack.
I will say this when Ohio teams play in other areas now I believe we get more respect that we did in the past. Regardless of Central, or Southern Ohio. Look at the tournaments in and around the tristate area more teams are recognizing that Ohio has talent. Also look at the college recruiting going on in Ohio. You have colleges from the east Coast recruitng our kids from Ohio. Schools like Virginia, Syracuse, Fairfield all recruitng in Ohio. This is a compliment to our programs getting stronger and the boys playing better.