Best Ohio lacrosse teams in 2006?

x was a senior laden team, they have lots of kids in the program and a great coach. we will see next year
i think moeller could turn some heads now the shannons gone, they have some talent. Ih returns some good players but have some holes to fill with Cole leaving. X should be good because they're X and have a huge school, a deep talent pool, and good coaching. UA is still the team though until someone knocks them off
i love how everyteam talked about here is from the south when none of them really came anywhere close to going to the finals except x
well i am not from Central ohio either i'm just seeing an unfair bias of how everyone on this thread thinks that a south team is gonna win d1 A it just doesn't seem likly, no offense meant. I just hate it how all these forums are always bias to one part or another i'm just trying to acctually find the WHOLE picture you know
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navajo you are a rook with only 3 posts under your belt come back and talk when you have been here for awhile...
Navajo if u have somethin bad to say u prolly better just keep it to yourself. And it doesnt make sense for kids from cincy to talk about lacrosse in columbus and cleveland when it doesnt really matter to us. i know u want to see "the whole picture" but as u can see "the whole picture" doesnt really matter to us.
Look out for moeller this year. First they have a lot of talent returning this year plus the new coaching staff, on paper, is one of the best staffs ever assembled in the south if not the state. This is basically the same staff that won state in 92 and 93 and midwest one of those years. Moeller finally has the leadership to balance the individual talent. Expect a breakout year.
what do you mean by brick? its going to be a hard year after losing around 7 1st or 2nd team all city players, 2 all americans, player of ohio, and the best player on the west team for nationals. just my opinion. losing 21 senoirs and only returning 5 players (craig saelinger krehnbrink kaminski long) who played at all last year is going to be tough
im not a big lacross guy but i think Moeller will be the best team in the state this year because my friend goes there and he is a HOSS ! :p
stx will be quality this year despite the departure of many senior leaders like paul and dan colllura. juniors jon salinger, chad carroll, and matt freeze will be looked on to provide leadership to a young team with a lot of potential. lets not forget the ua-st. x game last year when st. x went up to arlington and knocked off a heavily favored ua team. many of the same young players like carroll, salinger, freeze, fred craig and hollbrook who helped pull off this upset are back for this potential-filled team.
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Dan Collura - 57 goals 54 assists 111 total points(best in state)
Zach Lyon - 57 goals 28 assists 85 total points
Andrew Zilch - Playing for Maryland
Paul Collura - 66 save%
Not to mention the coultless role players such as Judson Pickard, Dave Clever, etc.

St X will have a though time replacing all these players. Chad Carroll will have trouble making up for those 114 goals. Besides returning a lot of their defensive players, most starting positions will be taken by inexperiened players, including goalie.
umm andy kaminski is not playing this year....yea i know you good not joking he is not playing this year....that could hurt just a little for us