A non-football question (Volleyball)



I tried asking this on another site which will remain nameless but apparently they all went to bed.

I know in the football playoffs there are 4 regions with each region having a representative in the final four.
That being said, how can 2 teams from Cincy be left in the Volleyball finals?

Are the Volleyball brackets organized differently?

Someone please answer this for me and then we can delete this thread before someone finds out I care about girl's volleyball.

Looking at the OHSAA website:

  • Region 3 was made up of one "Dayton" district and three Sunbury disticts.
  • Region 4 was made up of four "Dayton" districts.

To fill out Region 3 with enough DI teams, they had to pull some teams from the Cincinnati area, thus taking one of the 5 districts. I'm guessing that they mix these up every year or two to keep the same teams from traveling every year. Looks like the Cincinnati team easily went through Region 3.
Phylo- There's nothing wrong with liking girls volleyball. If you were to watch a couple of high level matches as will be played at Wright State tomorrow, there is a tremendous amount of skill demonstrated. I've seen hits at the H.S. level with speeds over 60 mph. While not quite as powerful as the men's game, the defense is outstanding, and the women concentrate on the finer points of the game, passing, setting and hitting to the open area of the court. If it helps, forget the players are women, just watch the skill level. You might just discover you enjoy the action.

For the record, I agree some sort of statewide seeding would be a help. The Cincinnati area has proven to be the powerhouse in both division 1 and 2 since the early 90's. The two teams playing, even though they are from the same league, definately belong in the Championship. How would you like to participate in a league where each of the 6 teams in the league play to a level which would qualify them to be in the regional championships in any other area of the state.