2024 Open / Unknowns V3.0

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Assuming this is correct, that would give Harvest Prep both of the 2019 D1 and D2 state champs on their schedule. Not bad for a D5 program. Much respect.
Few in Central OH want to schedule them. They’ve burned a lot of bridges over the years and not just the football program.
Updates 4/14 - 4/20:

Week 2

Cincinnati Withrow @ Kettering Alter

Week 3
Boyle County (KY) @ Lakewood St. Edward

Week 4
Hannan (WV) @ Reedsville Eastern

Week 5
Dayton Dunbar @ Harvest Prep

Week 8
Huron Heights (ON) @ Steubenville

Week 10
Clarkson Football North (ON) @ Cleveland St. Ignatius
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Updates 3/31 - 4/6:

Week 2

Austintown Fitch @ Massillon Jackson

Week 10
Cincinnati Shroder @ Innovation Academy of Robertson County (TN)
St. Frances Academy (MD) @ Cincinnati Moeller
Looks like it’s back open for week 10.
Any final word on the Ironton Classic week 4?
With Canadian teams not counting for points I really don't understand the purpose of playing them anymore. Even for a St. Ignatius type that struggles to find games. Why risk injury when it's going to be counted as a bye regardless?
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