2023 Southwestern Buckeye League

Henson has runs of 72 and 80 both for TDs but has also thrown a pick 6 that has aided Edgewood

Edgewood - 20
Valley View - 14

2nd Q
VV tried a fake punt and it didn’t work, Edgewood scores on next play. Buckle up. Homecoming night in Trenton getting weird
I think I speak for all Monroe fans when I say we don't have a OC or DC worth a crap. They're clueless. Injuries is one thing but the play calling is god awful. Worst ever I think. Any of us could call plays better than that. The team looks uninspired. We don't have the best personnel to run the option. They run up the middle and do them pitch plays which never works. We can't defend anything really. They're gonna have to figure it out both ways or next year won't be much better. Bellbrook RB is fastest kid I've seen in a long time. That kids a beast. Be nice if Monroe had a RB that fast and versatile.
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Valley View started slow, got punched in the mouth, went down 20-7 on the road, Edgewood packed the house for homecoming. VV went on to outscore them 42-6 the rest of the way. Have to shore up some issues with penalties and some breakdowns in passing D but 8-0 is 8-0. Onto Brookville