2022 Regional Final Neutral Sites

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How much surplus capacity should be accounted for when selecting sites from those available?

"Since our fanbase travels well, we think our team will bring 8,000, the other team will bring 3,000, so we should be assigned to a 30,000 seat stadium just in case."

Was somewhat simpler in the days of non-electronic tickets, where a finite allocation could be made to each school and if the stadium filled, it filled.
That still happens.


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By the way some of the sites speculated above as Neutral Sites won't be available as some did not apply to host next week for one reason or another. Remember Girls Basketball starts next week and a school will not apply to host a site if they have to bump and move one of the games they have scheduled in Basketball. I love the speculation but let the OHSAA figure out the sites. Remember schools have to apply to host, you just cannot say to a school you are hosting.
One way to correct this is let the high seed host through the Regional Finals and bid for the 14 games to host the state Semis.
I've been an advocate for over a decade to have the highest seed host until the state championships. I agree with myself every time the subject comes up. 😇

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If you're an AD and your site has often hosted late-round playoff football in the past, especially in the higher divisions that can bring about concession and parking revenue, wouldn't you bump an early-season basketball game for the benefits that could come from hosting? Because I know I would. And to the post above this one, teams playing at the same postseason site twice has happened numerous times.
As a Board member, our AD would feel my wrath bumping one of our Girls games for 2 out of town FB teams!


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Padua vs. Norton last night in NoRo wasn't close to a capacity crowd (of around 5,000) but Padua filled the 3/4 of the visitors' stand. I think weather was a big factor plus Padua vs. Holy Name is another matter, the Parma Holy War (someone called it the Holy Skirmish on another thread).

Last year's semi final game between these two was at Brooklyn with around 3,000, and that wasn't enough. I think Strongsville's 5,000 would be bare minimum for this game. Byers is the sentimental favorite here of course but if not Byers, I'd like to see Brunswick chosen for HN-Padua.
I agree that 5,000 is a must for Holy Name-Padua. Last year, weather was crap (IIR, it went from rain, to snow, to back to rain) and it didn't stop people from not only gobbling up tickets but also showing up. Capacity is 3,100 at Brooklyn but there was probably at least 4,000 there (the Holy Name visiting side packed in like sardines in the stands and was two-deep SRO halfway around the fence).

While Strongsville (5,200) is probably the best best for a packed crowd that should fit everybody, especially with SRO, I'm hoping the OHSAA plays this one safe and puts it at either Byers or Brunswick. Ed's-Mentor have played so many playoff games over the years, it kind of saps interest and think Euclid is perfectly suitable for that game (and part of the reason Euclid built that new stadium from what I recall was to host playoff games like that one). This could be the biggest Holy Name-Padua game in series history, so I'm hoping they err on the side of caution with this one (something they didn't do last year when placing that regional semifinal game at Brooklyn).


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R13 (1) West Branch vs. (6) Jefferson Area- Niles
R14 (1) Cleveland Glenville vs. (6) Van Wert- Tiffin, Fremont, Fostoria
R15 (2) Steubenville vs. (4) Indian Valley- Harrison Central
R16 (1) Wyoming vs. (2) Taft - Princeton

R21 (1) Kirtland vs. (2) Mogadore - Twinsburg
R22 (3) Columbia Station Columbia vs. (5) Columbus Grove- Fremont
R23 (1) Fort Frye vs. (3) Bellaire - Zanesville
R24 (1) Marion Local vs. (2) Harrod Allen East - Wapakoneta

R25 (1) Warren JFK vs. (3) Danville- Barberton, Canal Fulton Northwest
R26 (2) Antwerp vs. (4) Lima Central Catholic- Delphos, Defiance, Napoleon
R27 (1) Newark Catholic vs. (2) Hannibal River- Cambridge
R28 (2) Fort Loramie vs. (5) New Bremen - Sidney


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Doesn't Holy Name play their games at Royalton? If it isn't Byers or Boardman, it will be Strongsville or Brunswick
Yes, that’s Holy Name’s ‘home’ stadium.

IIRC, the regular season game at Padua drew somewhere in the range of 5,000 (Padua brought in extra temporary bleachers), so I would think that’s a minimum expected attendance for this weekend. Probably more like 6-8k

Brunswick would make sense if Byers is already occupied


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Yes, that’s Holy Name’s ‘home’ stadium.

IIRC, the regular season game at Padua drew somewhere in the range of 5,000 (Padua brought in extra temporary bleachers), so I would think that’s a minimum expected attendance for this weekend. Probably more like 6-8k

Brunswick would make sense if Byers is already occupied
I really hope the OHSAA considers the community aspect to this decision. Padua and Holy Name are a big part of the Parma community fabric, perhaps even with or just shy of Normandy, Valley Forge, and Parma Senior. Cold but clear weather in the forecast means a big crowd and lots of pre- and post-game revenue for Parma restaurants, bars, and retailers.


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Not surprised on Eds location. Guess means headed to Padua Holy Name. Not feeling another work day across town drive and $5 parking when my team isn't in the game


Now that all the Saturday finals are in, my completely painfully-average site predictions:

R13: 6 Jefferson vs. 1 W. Branch: Mineral Ridge
R14: 6 Van Wert vs. 1 Glenville: Tiffin (maybe Fremont or Findlay)
R15: 4 Indian Valley vs. 2 Steubenville: New Philadelphia (or Dover)
R16: 2 Taft vs. 1 Wyoming: Norwood (but any inner-ring suburb would suffice; in terms of distance between schools, this has to be the second-closest matchup of week 14)

R21: 2 Mogadore vs. 1 Kirtland: Twinsburg (I'd almost bet the mortgage on this)
R22: 5 Columbus Grove vs. 3 Columbia: Fremont (or Tiffin or Findlay)
R23: 3 Bellaire vs. 1 Fort Frye: Cambridge
R24: 2 Allen East vs. 1 Marion Local: Wapakoneta (write this one in granite)

R25: 3 Danville vs. 1 Warren JFK: Medina (possibly Canal Fulton NW)
R26: 4 Lima CC vs. 2 Antwerp: Ottawa-Glandorf
R27: 2 River vs. 1 Newark Catholic: Zanesville
R28: 5 New Bremen vs. 2 Fort Loramie: Sidney (write this one in granite)
Be glad your mortgage didn't double. Nordonia Boliantz for D6 R21