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Talking Heads - Speaking in Tongues (1983)

My Ratings: 71.601
Rank: 1483 (out of 2043)

Best Song: Burning Down the House [83.0]

New Wave

This goes down as the classic liked side 1 did not like side 2 for me..... 4th Talking Heads album and I actually liked this one the best a bit better than Remain in Light.


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Finnr's Cane - Wanderlust (2010)

My Ratings: 74.855
Rank: 835 (out of 2044)

Best Song: The Lost Traveller [76.0]

Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient Doom

Wanderlust is the album to help you sleep. The tracks all basically sound similar but there is a trance like vibe from them. No bass what soever but a few hints of a Cello and Keyboards break up the monotony. I've now heard all 3 and this one is in the middle of the pack.


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Green Druid - Ashen Blood (2018)

My Ratings: 78.213
Rank: 345 (out of 2045)

Best Song: Rebirth [81.6]

Doom Metal

Heavy slow riffs with an average track time of 10 minutes Green Druid really delivers the Doom. Debut album that is very solid if I did have a complaint though it would be the vocals being set deep into the mix which makes it hard to hear.... but maybe that was the point. Anyhow it was not as good as their newer album it will be added to my playlist....


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Sammy Hagar - Standing Hampton (1982)

My Ratings: 77.320
Rank: 422 (out of 2046)

Best Song: There's Only One Way to Rock [87.0]

Hard Rock

First stab at Hagar.... not too shabby with 3 great tunes... will check out more Hagar.


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Enforced - Kill Grid (2021)

My Ratings: 76.579
Rank: 520 (out of 2047)

Best Song: Malignance [80.0]

Crossover/Thrash Metal

First time listening to this band and they have some killer old school sounding thrashy riffs!!!!


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Tesla - Mechanical Resonance (1986)

My Ratings: 69.920
Rank: 1685 (out of 2048)

Best Song: Modern Day Cowboy [79.6]

Glam Metal/Hard Rock

Did not care for most of it.


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Thunder Horse - Chosen One (2021)

My Ratings: 76.112
Rank: 597 (out of 2049)

Best Song: Rise of the Heathens [80.2]

Doom Metal

Doom from San Antonio with a touch of Stoner.... Sounded good, like all the tracks..
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Rob Zombie - Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy (2021)

My Ratings: 72.753
Rank: 1264 (out of 2050)

Best Song: The Much Talked of Metamorphosis [77.0]

Industrial Groove/Alternative Metal

A bit disappointed in this one.... Nothing great but nothing awful either.


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Savatage - Edge of Thorns (1993)

My Ratings: 76.976
Rank: 464 (out of 2051)

Best Song: He Carves His Stone [85.0]

Progressive Metal

Sad times for Savatage as they lost the founding member and the great guitarist Criss Oliva to a car crash and his brother vocalist Jon Oliva (Trans Siberian Orchestra) had left the band prior to this album. Zak Stevens took over for Vocalist. The album was actually quite good......


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Jungle Rot - Slaughter the Weak (1997)

My Ratings: 73.112
Rank: 1193 (out of 2052)

Best Song: Infectious [75.0]

Death Metal

Sophomore album... liked most of the tracks


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Rise To The Sky - Let Me Drown With You (2021)

My Ratings: 74.705
Rank: 867 (out of 2053)

Best Song: Bury Me In Your Heart [76.0]

Atmospheric Death Doom

One man band from Chile giving us some gloomy doom that borders Funeral Doom.


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Necropanther - The Doomed City (2019)

My Ratings: 72.699
Rank: 1286 (out of 2054)

Best Song: Renew [75.0]

Blackened Thrash Metal

From Denver..... Liked 10 of the 13 tracks.... nothing great in my opinion.


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Solitude Aeturnus - Adagio (1998)

My Ratings: 78.804
Rank: 295 (out of 2055)

Best Song: Heaven and Hell [85.0]

Epic Doom Metal

I have heard this album being described as "Heavy" but I'm thinking they are referring to the lyrical meanings of the songs and not the "sound" as for me this was one of their least Heavy sounding albums. This one completes my studio full albums of Solitude Aeturnus as unfortunately they are no longer together but this one ranks at #2. Well, there is still a Demo and an EP I can explore in the near future.....


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Prince & The Revolution - Purple Rain (1984)

My Ratings: 72.690
Rank: 1288 (out of 2056)

Best Song: When Doves Cry

Pop Rock

Soundtrack/Studio..... Wayyyyyy tooooo poppy for me.... probably because it was a soundtrack but other than a few great tracks on this one most of it for me I just did not care for.


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R.E.M. - Murmur (1983)

My Ratings: 70.620
Rank: 1638 (out of 2057)

Best Song: Talk About the Passion [75.0]

Alternative Rock

Debut album, Thought it would of been more heavier. Only liked half the tracks.


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Bolt Thrower - War Master (1991)

My Ratings: 76.520
Rank: 529 (out of 2058)

Best Song: Profane Creation [77.0]

Death Metal

6th album I have heard from them and liked this one this best!


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Opeth - My Arms, Your Hearse (1998)

My Ratings: 75.530
Rank: 703 (out of 2059)

Best Song: Demon of the Fall [78.0]

Progressive Death Metal

This is the 12th Opeth album I have heard and though good it ranks near the bottom for me.....


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Candlemass - Dactylis Glomerata (1998)

My Ratings: 78.046
Rank: 366 (out of 2060)

Best Song: Apathy [83.0]

Psychedelic Doom Metal

Well, this completes the Candlemass discography and chose this one to do last for the reason that this is not really Candlemass. This album is actually by the band Abstrakt Algebra. With most of the album done the record company refused to release it unless the former Candlemass bass player agreed to allow them to put it under the Candlemass name. After all, that would sell more records...... Anyhow this album does very well though many diehard Candlemass fans will have nothing to do with it.


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Amorphis - Tales From The Thousand Lakes (1994)

My Ratings: 70.000
Rank: 1692 (out of 2061)

Best Song: Thousand Lakes [80.0]

Death Metal

Only liked 4 of the 10 tracks.....


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Wheel - Resident Human (2021)

My Ratings: 79.899
Rank: 236 (out of 2062)

Best Song: Hyperion [85.0]

Progressive Metal

No sophomore jynx with this one..... great album which should easily make my top albums list of 2021......


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Memoriam - To The End (2021)

My Ratings: 76.601
Rank: 520 (out of 2063)

Best Song: The War is Won [78.6]

Death Metal

Pretty solid album but not as good as their last one.....


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Kyuss - Wretch (1991)

My Ratings: 74.747
Rank: 869 (out of 2064)

Best Song: Isolation [77.6]

Stoner Rock

Debut album by Kyuss with a definite influence from punk.


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Greenleaf - Echoes From a Mass (2021)

My Ratings: 73.780
Rank: 1070 (out of 2065)

Best Song: Needle in my Eye [77.6]

Stoner Rock


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Necronomicon - The Final Chapter (2021)

My Ratings: 75.453
Rank: 727 (out of 2066)

Best Song: Purgatory [77.6]

Thrash Metal

decent sounding old school thrash...... first time listening to these guys will back track and check out the other stuff.


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Wode - Burn in Many Mirrors (2021)

My Ratings: 71.560
Rank: 1511 (out of 2067)

Best Song: Fire in the Hills [75.0]

Black Metal

Old school sounding... liked half of it which is pretty good for me with this genre.


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Saint Vitus - V (1990)

My Ratings: 73.855
Rank: 1055 (out of 2068)

Best Song: I Bleed Black [77.0]

Doom Metal


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The Lunar Effect - Strange Lands (reissue-2020)

My Ratings: 76.730
Rank: 505 (out of 2069)

Best Song: Into the Ether [78.6]

Psychedelic Rock

well, I've never heard the 2017 EP so I don't know how much they changed it but this one does have two original tracks added to it and the whole album sounded pretty good.


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Bob Dylan - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (1963)

My Ratings: 73.621
Rank: 1104 (out of 2070)

Best Song: Blowin in the Wind [85.0]

Blues Folk Rock


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1782 - From the Graveyard (2021)

My Ratings: 74.327
Rank: 955 (out of 2071)

Best Song: In Requiem [75.8]

Doom Metal

I liked all of it but nothing great to me and I wished the vocals were a bit more up front and not way back and muffled in the mix.