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    D2 Region 8

    how come there is no love for Piqua?
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    ZingBot's Div. 2 Reg. 8 Playoff Predictions

    La Salle vs Anderson would be a second round matchup Id say regional final will be Edgewood vs La Salle
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    Lasalle Lancers 2021

    maybe in two years though will be the turnaround
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    Lasalle Lancers 2021

    unlike 2018 to 19 next year I just don't see a major turn around one most of our roster is seniors unlike then when it was mostly sophomores and Juniors so we wont be returning a lot plus mattingly would probably start again next year because Reynolds doesnt have reps and Little McLaughlin is...
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    Lasalle Lancers 2021

    I see too much of the 2018 team in this lancer team the only benefit is that with the expanded playoffs we will make it who agrees with me?
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    Lasalle Lancers 2021

    this year has probably been the worst year for D2 in quite some time
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    Lasalle Lancers 2021

    does anyone know how Cathedral is I know they are 6-0 but they haven't dominated as much as last season such as Westfield and Brownsburg
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    Lasalle Lancers 2021

    Look I have been watching La Salle and I have been a bit disappointed to say the least, Mattingly is very inconsistent, Payne has been playing very conservative, receivers drop too many balls, and the defense is very spotty, their only saving grace is that Division two overall is an absolute...
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    Lasalle vs Moeller

    Ok here's my take I think it will be a decent game knowing all things considered my take is whoever wins the battle of the trenches will win this game because both the Lancers and Crusaders front seven can make some noise however La Salle's O line can be shaky while Moeller's I feel is to...
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    Lasalle Lancers 2021

    as far as I Know #5 Ramon Townstead FB/LB
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    ESPN Blasts Bishop Sycamore

    Hey I have a genius idea if IMG wanted to be on ESPN playing an ohio team why not wait for Friday against La Salle might still be a blow out but at least La Salle has d1 talent is a real school and a successful program
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    Top 5 Teams in your County's History

    wait is loveland high located in Hamilton Warren or Clermont?
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    Any teams that will fall off or Improve greatly in 2021

    Wb Hoban I think it will be harder to replicate what they did last year since a lot of the guys that played in the title game graduated
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    Will there be a Crosstown Showdown?

    heard its going to be at TQL stadium
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    Top 5 Teams in your County's History

    really the 2020 team was a bunch of frauds X showed that 2011 actually put up a fight