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    Beachwood head coach job

    Van Monroe
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    Beachwood head coach job

    Apparently, he is their middle school art teacher and was part of their middle school staff last year. I heard that he attended and played and/or coached at Miami of Ohio. With less than 100 days till the season begins I imagine we will see systems/ schemes similar to what Creel ran to ease the...
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    The rich get richer....Browns donate to Hoban

    It has been great what the Browns have done to bring turf fields to the Senate League and they have the right to decide what to do with their money. That said, it would be a massive impact if they helped even with minor renovations of Senate League Weight Rooms. Many of the Senate League...
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    Beachwood head coach job

    It might make sense only in the POV that they don’t have a teaching spot or administrative spot available. I believe he was an assistant at Miami. It’s a weird set of years in the area. Supposedly a massive teacher shortage, yet there are almost no teaching openings. I believe this will lead to...