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  • Okay to find the girls go to Track and select Browse, then Seasons, then 2016-2017 HS Boys then OHSAA and this will bring you to a page where all teams must at a minimum register their Alpha information. (some use it to track all stats and records others do not, so the information is incomplete from that regard)

    On the blue bar select "wrestlers" and this starts the list of all wrestlers. To limit the list to "Girls" select the "search" button and under Gender select Female. That will give a list of all the Girls registered to teams last season. I believe that will show 199 and if you limit the search to active it is 190 as some were "tests" and others never alphaed.

    Good luck to your daughter next season.
    As a father of a soon to be high school girl wrestler, I am pretty involved in the movement to get girls hs wrestling. I wanted to know if you may be able to help me with some info.
    Not too long ago, you posted in a thread on Girls Wrestling.
    "Based on the list of wrestlers listed on Track there were 190 girls that alphaed this year for high schools across Ohio filling several spots in every weight class (yes that includes 285)"
    How do you get this info off of Track? And is there a list of names/schools/weights? It would be very helpful as we try and collect data to try and move forward. My email is carpmentor@yahoo.com so if there is a file or info you can send that would be awesome. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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