Wolf Invitational

Actual Bracket (Pool record in parentheses)


A1 Kilbourne (5-1)
D2 St Edward (4-2)

D1 La Salle (5-1)
A2 Jerome (4-2)

B1 Darby (6-0)
C2 Davidson (3-3)

C1 St Xavier (6-0)
B2 Gahanna (3-3)


A3 St Charles (3-3)
D4 Delaware (0-6)

D3 Pickerington North (3-3)
A4 Darby JV (0-6)

B3 Westerville North (3-3)
C4 Stow (1-5)

C3 Upper Arlington (2-4)
B4 Walsh Jesuit (0-6)

In the Gold, I'll take St Ed's, La Salle, Darby, and St X in the quarters. Then La Salle over Ed's, Darby over X, Kilbourne over Jerome, and Davidson over Gahanna. Finally, the placings will be:

1. La Salle
2. Darby
3. St Xavier
4. St Edward
5. Kilbourne
6. Davidson
7. Jerome
8. Gahanna
I dont think Lasalle is playing well enough to win the tournament but they will be up there. I give Darby the edge to beat St. X in the finals.
I dont think Lasalle is playing well enough to win the tournament but they will be up there. I give Darby the edge to beat St. X in the finals.

Look at the bracket, Darby and St X will play in the semis. By the way, I think Darby, X, and La Salle are all very even. La Salle's road to the finals is easier so I give them the edge to win it.
Good Job Davidson who was in their pool?

Doesn Jerome jsut play well in tournies?

Surprised with Pick North and WN. must have lost on total points or something against Davidson? anyone know if im right?

Look like a very ineteresing saturday
I dont know scores but I know that Lasalle won Gold, with Darby coming in 2nd place.

Then in Silver, St. Charles beat Westerville North in the finals in 2.
Pickerington North beat Walsh Jesuit for 3rd place as well.
Dont have scores but here are the results

St Charles d. Delaware
Pickerington North d. Darby JV
Westerville North d. Stow
Walsh Jesuit d. Upper Arlington

St Charles d. Pickerington North
Westerville North d. Walsh Jesuit
Darby JV d. Delaware
Stow d. Upper Arlington

St Charles d. Westerville North

3rd Place
Pickerington North d. Walsh Jesuit

5th Place
Stow d. Darby JV

7th Place
Delaware d. Upper Arlington

St Edward d. Kilbourne (2 games)
La Salle d. Dublin Jerome (25-22, 25-15)
Hilliard Darby d. Hilliard Davidson (2)
St Xavier d. Gahanna Lincoln (3)

La Salle d. St Edward (25-19, 25-17)
Darby d. St Xavier (3)
Kilbourne d. Jerome (2)
Gahanna Lincoln d. Hilliard Davidson (3)

La Salle d. Darby (25-23, 15(?)-25, 25-22(?))

3rd Place
St Edward d. St Xavier (2)

5th Place
Kilbourne vs Gahanna Lincoln (wasn't posted when I left)

7th Place
Dublin Jerome d. Hilliard Davidson (2)

All-Tourney Team
Austin Miller (S, Darby)
Pete Stahl (OH, Darby)
Andrew Kroger (MH, La Salle)
Zach Meyer (S, La Salle) - Tourney MVP
Aaron Flick (MH, St Edward)
Chandler Bell (L, St Xavier)
Jon Jekeli (OH, Worthington Kilbourne)
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according to The Columbus Dispatch

Silver Division
St. Charles def. Deleware Hayes 25-20, 25-20
Pickerington North def. Hilliard Darby JV 25-19, 25-10
Westerville North def. Stow 25-22, 25-23
Upper Arlington def. Walsh Jesuit 25-19, 25-17
Hilliard Darby JV def. Deleware Hayes 21-25, 25-17, 25-23
Stow def. Upper Arlington 25-16, 25-19
Westerville North def. Walsh Jesuit 30-28, 23-25, 25-23
St. Charles def. Pickerington North 25-19, 25-10
Seventh Place Match: (match and scores werent in the paper)
Deleware Hayes def. Upper Arlington
Fifth Place Match:
Stow def. Hilliard Darby JV 25-18, 24-26, 25-17
Third Place Match:
Pickerington North def. Walsh Jesuit 25-17, 25-21
Championship Match:
St. Charles def. Westerville North 25-17, 25-19

Gold Division
Lakewood St. Edward def. Worthington Kilbourne 25-19, 25-23
Cincinnati LaSalle def. Dublin Jerome 25-21, 25-18
Hilliard Darby def. Hilliard Davidson 25-8, 25-13
Cincinnati St. Xavier def. Gahanna Lincoln 25-19, 20-25, 25-12
Worthington Kilbourne def. Dublin Jerome 25-21, 25-18
Gahanna Lincoln def. Hilliard Davidson 23-25, 25-16, 25-20
Hilliard Darby def. Cincinnati St. Xavier 18-25, 25-12, 25-20
Cincinnati LaSalle def. Lakewood St. Edward 25-19, 25-17
Seventh Place Match:
Dublin Jerome def. Hilliard Davidson 25-22, 25-10
Fifth Place Match:
Worthington Kilbourne def. Gahanna Lincoln 25-22, 25-13
Third Place Match: (match and scores werent in the paper)
Lakewood St. Edward def. Cincinnati St. Xavier
Championship Match:
Cincinnati LaSalle def. Hilliard Darby 25-22, 15-25, 25-20
Darby is really good. I would like to see them play Moeller.

Lets see. La Salle beat Darby...Moeller crushed La Salle twice. By the transitive property, Moeller would crush Darby. Actually I think Moeller would win in 3 with Darby getting 17-20 points/game.
Team A beating Team B but losing to Team C doesnt mean that Team B would get crushed by Team C. All teams match up completely different from another team and anything can happen, some teams are on some nights and off on others. Dont count out a team because of that scenario in my opinion, even though I still think Darby would lose to Moeller.
Yea, that's sorta what I meant by that second sentence lol. Since we are the only team who has played both Moeller and Darby (I think), I would say Moeller would win in 3. Now, if Darby is playing their absolute best and Moeller is playing a bit under what they are capable of, then we could see a close match, kinda like what happened with Moe/Elder.
To complete Meatsauce's scores

Delaware Hayes def. Upper Arlington 25-21, 25-12
St. Edward def. St Xavier 25-21, 26-24

Friday Scrimmage Results

Pool A
Worthington Kilbourne 25-25 Dublin Jerome 17-19
Dublin Jerome 25-25 St. Charles 21-19
Dublin Jerome 25-25 Hilliard Darby JV 15-13
Worthington Kilbourne 25-23 St. Charles 12-25
Worthington Kilbourne 25-25 Hilliard Darby JV 8-12
St. Charles 25-25 Hilliard Darby JV 22-18

Pool B
Hilliard Darby 25-25 Gahanna-Lincoln 11-22
Hilliard Darby 25-25 Westerville North 15-11
Hilliard Darby 25-25 Walsh Jesuit 9-17
Gahanna-Lincoln 25-26 Westerville North 12-27
Gahanna-Lincoln 25-25 Walsh Jesuit 19-18
Westerville North 25-26 Walsh Jesuit 20-24

Pool C
St. Xavier 25-25 Stow 13-19
St. Xavier 25-25 Hilliard Davidson 18-18
St. Xavier 25-25 Upper Arlington 14-6
Stow 25-17 Hilliard Davidson 22-25
Upper Arlington 25-25 Stow 20-21
Hilliard Davidson 25-25 Upper Arlington 9-21

Pool D
St. Edward 25-25 Pickerington North 14-17
LaSalle 25-25 St. Edward 22-18
St. Edward 25-25 Delaware Hayes 11-14
LaSalle 25-18 Pickerington North 15-25
Pickerington North 25-25 Delaware Hayes 13-14
LaSalle 25-25 Delaware Hayes 8-11

***Thank you to Jim Jicha and ohiohsvb.com