Winter Club

Your views strangely relate to OhioVball's views, very close-minded.

Good one since i named about five or six other players not on 17-1's and honestly i think that most of the kids on the team arent that good. So theres my opinion and i am insulted that u say i sound like Ohiovball
Did anyone go to the regional tourney in columbus today i think the 17s teams were pretty evenly matched and congrats to Southwest and Matchpoint for making it to the finals. Southwest won the Championship in 2. What did everyone else think of the tournament?
Cincy Attack 16-1's beat Air City in the finals to take first place.
All three attack teams including the 15-1's team made it to gold too.
waka waka,
Have to disagree with you about 18-2's DEFINITELY being the second best team there. VANGUARD NORTH had been them a at least 1/2 the time they have played them this year, and I think maybe even another VANGUARD team beat them once this year too. And the VANGUARD NORTH was playing without their best middle at regionals due to other obligations. What was the score of the championship match? Either way, the 18's 2 are a strong team--jmo.
Actually the Attack 18-2 team and the top Vanguard team have only played twice, and attack won both. The first time Vanguard had their middle and lost in two, 25-20ish both times. On Sunday they didn't have him and lost something like 25-22 and then 25-15. Judging on how the teams looked on Sunday, the two Attack teams were the best ones there.
And no, no other Vanguard team beat them, because the only teams other than the top Attack team who beat the 2s all winter were the top Air City team once, and the Attack 3s team once