What Movies Did You Watch in November 2023?

Superbad (2007) 6/8 Classic raunchy, teen, coming of age comedy. Great young cast and plenty of laughs.

Game Night (2018) 4.5/8 First time seeing this one. Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams play a married couple that love game night. Things get out of hand when Bateman's brother sets up a special murder mystery game night. Some laughs, not a bad movie, but nothing special either.

X (2022) 5.5/8 Mia Goth stars as Maxxine an up and coming adult film star who runs into something sinister while filming at an old bunkhouse on a Texas farm. Solid horror movie, with plenty of "scenery" to help keep you entertained.

Barbie (2023) 3/8 Meh, not sure what all the hype was about. Thank God Margot Robbie got most of the screen time or it probably wouldn't have been worth watching.

The Ritual Killer (2023) 3.5/8 Cole Hauser and Morgan Freeman star in this movie about an African medicine man for hire, torturing and killing kids to bring healing or prosperity to the buyer. Not bad, but a lot of bad acting, and pretty low budget. Ex-NFLer Vernon Davis stars as the killer and does a solid job.
The Day Mars Invaded Earth (1962)

SciFi/Horror: NASA scientist believes something hitched a ride back to Earth. This one started as a typical 60's SCiFi film but it took a dark turn.... 5.0/8
Chamber of Horrors (1966)

Horror: Baltimore in the 1880's we find a murder has taken place and members of a horror wax museum who's hobby is to investigate murders are on the case. Not too shabby..... 5.0/8
Rubber (Wo) Man (2021)

Horror: Two gay guys and their lesbian daughter move into a home that has a horrid past. Shortly after the girl starts to act off after trying on a Rubber Suit. This one was pretty good for most of it but got a bit " " near the end..... 4.5/8
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

SciFi/Horror Musical: How does someone like me not seen this one before. Of course I have heard it and have seen bits of it over time but I just don't like musicals. What? Yes, I know Grease is one of my favorite movies anyhow after the song Time Warp I did not like any songs that followed. So what started out as great turned dismal in the end but enough to salvage something and now I can say I have seen it.... 3.5/8
Pet Sematary Bloodlines (2023)

Horror: 1969, Ludlow Maine, Timmy has returned from the war after being wounded but something is definitely not right with him. The townfolk who knows the town secret suspects he may have died and been buried in the Pet Sematary and it is up to them to end it. We have a young Jud in this one and how the heck did he get hold of a 1968 Beaumont. Look, it is 1969 in this movie so this car would of been brand new for this 18/19 year old kid.... how easy was it to get a Canadian car in the 60's? Anyhow, the cast was strong but the story could of been stronger but still pretty good with me.... 5.0/8
"Tickle Me" (1965) - 4.5/8

A singing bronc buster finds work at a fat farm for beautiful thin girls, and helps one discover a family secret.

Elvis' only haunted house movie, actually a haunted hotel. Happened to see this in on TV the late 60's, wasn't shown again until I started getting TCM on cable. Probably because it was the only Presley flick made by Allied Artists Pictures, a small outfit now owned by the Scientologists. Lightweight fun, and the last 30 minutes are really good slapstick, almost a "Ghost & Mr. Chicken" feel. Elvis was no Olivier, but he plays the part well and with self-deprecating humor. The Colonel might not have appreciated one of the gags, though. :cool:
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"Gay Purr-ee" (1962, animated) - 5/8

Beautiful pusssy leaves the provincial life for the City of Light, much to the dismay of her barn-mousing suitor. But how ya gonna get 'er back to the farm after she's seen Paree?

Brought to you by UPA, the folks who also gave you Mr. Magoo. Great voice cast - Judy Garland, Robert Goulet, Red Buttons, Paul Frees, Mel Blanc, Morey Amsterdam, Hermione Gingold, and even Thurl Ravenscroft.

Sometimes you're not sure if you're watching an MGM musical or a Saturday morning cartoon. But a great storyline that leaves you on the edge of your seat rooting for the good guy.

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"Berkeley Square" (1933) - 6/8

In 1933 a New Yorker in London is obsessed with his ancestor’s diary, and wants to be transported to 1784. Is the grass really greener on the other side?

Very well-done fantasy, loosely based on a Henry James novel. Superb script, although the dialogue pacing of that era drags a bit. Hit me right in the feels at the end. Those who've read the Jack Finney short story "The Love Letter" will know what I mean.

Starring Leslie Howard in a dual role. Not a name I was familiar with. Born and raised in England. Learned he was one of Vivien Leigh's suitors in GWTW, and that Bogie and Bacall named their daughter after him. Killed in 1943 when German fighters shot down his passenger plane over the ocean a hundred miles west of the coast of France.
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