What Movies Did You Watch in November 2023?


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As a horror movie junkie, I come across a lot of off beat Horror movies as well as the run in the mill straight to video. I will share my thoughts of the ones that I see this month. So, if you seen a movie new or old and want to share your thoughts go ahead, and if its horror, even better!!!!

I will edit in my horror views here with my rating scale on how I liked it.....

8 = Donnie Darko
7 = Excellent !!!!!
6 = Great
5 = pretty Good
4 = OK/Good
3 = not good
2 = Bad
1 = Unwatchable


#4654 Brooklyn 45 (2023) ... 2.5/8

#4655 From Black (2023) ... 5.5/8

#4656 Spoonful of Sugar (2022) ... 6.0/8

#4657 The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster (2023) ... 6.0/8

#4658 The Bunker Game (Italy-2022) ... 3.0/8

#4659 The Child (1977) ... 4.5/8

#4660 Hell House LLC (4) Origins: The Carmichael Manor (2023) ... 5.0/8

#4661 Hebi musume to hakuhatsuma (Japan-1968) ... aka "The Snake Girl and the Snake Haired Witch ... 3.5/8

#4662 Cuando acecha la maldad (Argentina-2023) .. aka "When Evil Lurks" ... 5.0/8

#4663 The Day Mars Invaded Earth (1962) ... 5.0/8

#4664 Chamber of Horrors (1966) ... 5.0/8

#4665 AHS: Rubber (Wo) Man (2021) ... 4.5/8

#4666 The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) ... 3.5/8

#4667 Pet Sematary: Bloodlines (2023) ... 5.0/8
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Tooth Fairy: 4/8

Bought this nearly a decade ago for my kids. They’ve seen it but I never had. It’s good for what it is, geared to the ten and under crowd.

Surprisingly strong cast though. Besides Dwayne Johnson you have Ashley Judd, Julie Andrews, Billy Crystal, Stephen Merchant and Seth McFarlane.

Fun fact, produced by horror movie tycoon Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions.
No Hard Feelings (2023) 5/8 Jenifer Lawrence play a 30ish single woman struggling to pay the bills and on the verge of losing her home. She answers a Craigslist ad by parents looking to hire an older woman to "date" their recently graduated son before he goes to college. This story has been done many times before, but it was entertaining and there was definitely some laughs. Worth a watch is you like the raunchy, coming of age type comedies.
The Uninvited (1944) - 4.5/8
In British Cornwall on holiday, two siblings follow a whim and buy a beautiful old seaside mansion on a cliff. But the house may have squatters.. A sweet young thing living nearby might be to blame, but she's still dealing with the loss of her beautiful deceased mother . And who is this hot Latin model the townfolk whisper about? ¡Ay caramba!

I had high hopes for this one. But it's too much of a contradiction - a ghost story with no actual fear, unless you count the old maid screaming occasionally. At its core, a very interesting murder mystery. Could have been so much better; instead it's just an okay film. Odd character portrayal and development, plus a Frankenstein script are to blame. Beautiful filming and production, though. Nice SFX. Very interesting homemade Ouija boad, reminded me of the scene in "13 Ghosts" (1960). The artist studio room on an upper floor is to die for - wide view of the ocean, and windows that angle upward for a huge view of the sky.

Ray Milland plays a proper Brit with the posh accent and a condescending attitude toward hysterical broads. Ray overdoes it a bit, but his roguish smile lets him get away with it. Alan Napier (Alfred on the old Batman TV show) is a local doctor who helps Ray, his sister, and Sweet Thing solve the mystery, even if it means getting hit by champagne glasses. Donald Crisp, who played the family patriarch in "How Green Was My Valley", is the crusty owner who sells the house and then puts up a stone wall.
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World’s Greatest Dad: 4.5/8

Interesting Robin Williams movie. When his son accidentally dies of autoerotic asphyxiation, he covers it up as a suicide to spare his son the embarrassment, including a well written suicide note (Williams is an English teacher and poet in the film).

A classmate gets ahold of the suicide note and it’s published in the school paper, and the son posthumously because a bit of a phenomenon.

Currently free in Vudu.

A Haunting in Venice: 6/8

I’m very much a fan of mystery films and love that my daughter has developed the same love. These movies are always a treat. While this may be my least favorite of the three (if nothing else because the other two had such star-studded casts), that’s no knock on the film and it was still great.

Also, while all three movies can stand on their own, I appreciate that we see the Hercule Poirot character continue to grow from film to film.

Here’s hoping they have another story or two to tell. If I recall, Poirot is in 18 Agatha Christie novels, so there’s plenty to mine from.

Also, it’s long past time for a remake of Ten Little Indians/And Then There Was None. It may be Christie’s most famous work and it hasn’t been redone since 1974 (though BBC did a pretty good three-part miniseries in 2015).

A Haunting in Venice is available on Hulu.

Forbidden Planet (1956) - Who wouldn't want to watch a sci-fi movie with Leslie Nielsen and Ann Francis (!) in it? I must have seen this as a kid, though I didn't remember any of the scenes. I did remember Robbie the Robot, so... Walter Pidgeon as scientist and AM's protective father. The ending was pretty profound (putting myself back in 1956). Less than two hours long. TMC rates FP 4/4. 6/8 for me.
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Men in Black (1997)

This might sound strange considering this is a silly summer popcorn flick take on the buddy cop genre, but I consider this an 8/8. Why? Well, the genre has been repeated several times so the audience accepts the idea, then everything this film attempts to accomplish, it nails it perfectly. Not only do the comic foils work, but so does every setup and punchline as well as the world-building.

Youtube critic Lindsay Ellis had a good take on this in more detail, if you're interested.
Asteroid City: 4.25/8

One of the best casts ever assembled and such a bore of a movie.

Available on Peacock.


The Color of Money: 5/8

I feel like this was a common movie style of the 80’s. Gave me Cocktail vibes, as well as Stallone’s Over the Top to an extent.

Robin Hood (animated): 5.25/8

The Robin Hood story is one of my favorite literary stories, so it was long past due that I watched this version.

(Fun take on the trailer below, with the best movie them song of all time, yea I said it)

Gran Tourismo: Nailed the crying parts. Its kind of standard fair for this type movie. The actors were good. Spice girl can act. I've seen better as far as making you feel you're in the car but it was good. Good enough to see how insane these people are.
Gran Tourismo: Nailed the crying parts. Its kind of standard fair for this type movie. The actors were good. Spice girl can act. I've seen better as far as making you feel you're in the car but it was good. Good enough to see how insane these people are.

ha, had no idea she played the mom.
Hypnotic (2023): 5.75/8

Kind of went into this one blind and ended up really enjoying it. I definitely felt inspirations from a few movies, that I won’t name because I don’t want to spoil anything. I’ll say the trailer is carefully constructed to not give too much away.

Currently available on Peacock

Netflix- watched 3 part documentary of Getting Gotti. It was okay, a little slow in parts. Enjoy stories of the Mafia is why I stayed with it.
Brooklyn 45 (2023)

Drama Horror: 1945, Five military buddies have a meet to talk and uncover some dark secrets that lead them thrashing at each other. The whole movie takes place in this room and while I like slow I just don't like this type of slow...... 2.5/8
From Dark (2023)

Horror: A recovering drug addict who recently lost a child is desperate for answers and when a stranger offers her an opportunity to get them she will do anything to get them. I liked this one.... 5.5/8
Mira por mí (Canada-2021)

Crime Drama: "See For Me" .... Thought this was a horror flick but it was not.... oh well..... we have a blind girl and by the way the actress that plays the girl is really blind who gets a job taking care of a cat and house sitting when of course someone breaks in...... I don't know how realistic it is for someone to hire a blind person to watch a house with lots of valuables in it that has never been in that house before but I guess we have to go with it. Anyhow, while I have seen a similar movie which was horror this one was still OK..... 4.0/8
Blade Trinity (2004) - 7/10

Weakest of the Blade movies but still good because it's just awesome to see him with all of his martial arts and cool demeanor.
From the Earth to the Moon (1958) - 4.5/8

Schmaltzy bastardization of Jules Verne's classic novel. Still fun to watch, though.

Saw this when I was 7 or 8 and starting to get into astronomy and science fiction. Didn't know about Verne or the book, but it was exciting for a kid. Those spinning acceleration tubes made me dizzy. And it was nice to know that you still had normal gravity while in space. You can walk around, go up and down stairs, pitch woo on the divan, and everything.

Not long after that my parents bought me the Classics Illustrated comic book, which is more faithful to the novel and Verne's sequel "Around The Moon". No icky damsels in distress!

Joseph Cotten as the insufferably cocky Barbicane, George Sanders as the insufferably stuffy Nicholl. Morris Ankrum, a familiar figure as a judge on "Perry Mason", has a nice part playing President Ulysses S. Grant.
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