What Movies Did You See in Novermber 2013?

The House Where Death Lives (US-1981) Horror

We have a wealthy wheel chaired old man who hires a new nurse. She meets the family and servants as well as a new arrival, the old man's 16 year old grandson who witness the deaths of his parents. Throw in a crazy son locked in a room and we are set for the murders to begin.... 3.0/8
Incubus (US-1966) Horror

We have a William Shatner sighting!!!!!

A Hippy curses a film crew after they were extremely rude to him. One year later strange things happen. Their film gets destroyed, one actor commits homicide, another commits suicide, and William Shatner starts to over act. No, this is not what Incubus was about but everything I stated really happened in real life to the people involved with this cursed film.

So, how did I get to see this film that was destroyed, well, an unknown copy was found in France and pieced together. This film is in a made up language called Esperanto and yes, Shatner does speak this language in this film. Anyhow a Succubus gets tired of taking souls of sinners and tries her hand on a wholesome fellow named Marc (William Shatner). Bunch of strange things happen and the score sounds like something from the old Dark Shadows episodes but it produces great atmosphere and some unforgettable scenes..... 4.5/8

I'm sure most have seen this, but I finally just watched "The Conjuring". I love horror movies, and I have to say this one was pretty f'n good.

Parkland 6/8 I guess it didn't get very high ratings but it sure was a gut kick to me and I was only a little kid when Kennedy was killed.
Catching Fire: 7.5/8

Excellent adaptation of the book. Just about the only thing wrong with it was I wish it was another 15 minutes longer to fit in some things that I think would have enhanced the movie even more.