What Movies Did You See in Novermber 2013?


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As a horror movie junkie, I come across a lot of off beat Horror movies as well as the run in the mill straight to video. I will share my thoughts of the ones that I see this month. So, if you seen a movie new or old and want to share your thoughts go ahead, and if its horror, even better!!!!

I will edit in my horror views here with my rating scale on how I liked it.....

8 = Donnie Darko
7 = Excellent !!!!!
6 = Great
5 = pretty Good
4 = OK/Good
3 = not good
2 = Bad
1 = Unwatchable


#2770 Trespassers (Mexico-2006) ... 3.0/8

#2771 The Awakening (UK-2011) ... 6.0/8

#2772 Home Sweet Home (Canada-2013) ... 3.0/8

#2773 At the Earth's Core (UK-1976) ... 4.0/8

#2774 Infected (US-2012) ... 2.5/8

#2775 Picnic at Hanging Rock (Australia-1975) ... 4.0/8

#2776 Silent House (US-2011) ... 5.0/8

#2777 Il rosso segno della follia (Italy-1970) aka Hatchet for the Honeymoon ... 5.0/8

#2778 In the Dark Half (UK-2012) ... 5.0/8

#2779 The House Where Death Lives (US-1981) ... 3.0/8

#2780 Incubus (US-1966) ... 4.5/8

#2781 Lust in Hell: Edge of the World (Japan-2009) ... 2.5/8

#2782 The Big Bad (US-2011) ... 2.0/8
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I enjoyed the Conjuring a lot when I saw it in theaters and I'm not real big into the genre. Much better than "Paranormal Activity", which is the only movie I've watched where i fell asleep in the theater.
The counselor.

Not that good. Cameron Diaz and Pen Cruz were hot though. Would have loved to be in the car to see Cam Diaz doing her little "dance".
If you saw the movie you know what I mean...
Trespassers (Mexico-2006)

Looking for the perfect surf a group finds a remote beach in Mexico. When some go missing they soon learn the urban legend of the area... 3.0/8
Olympus Has Fallen: 6.5/8

a few minor "believablility" quips, but a very surprisingly solid movie, with a loaded cast.
Enders Game

Much better then I thought it would be, this movie is a noble attempt to adapt one of the great science fiction books for the big screen. Butterfield is superb as Ender and the movie doesn’t shy away from some of the more controversial elements of training children to be soldiers.
The Awakening (UK-2011) horror/thriller

1921 England, Florence Cathcart investigates hauntings and finds them all to be hoaxes. Now she ends up at an all boys school where a youngster was killed supposedly by fear as he swears that he saw a ghost of a kid. Florence thinks she has the mystery solved until the unexplainable starts to haunt her driving her mad. Great little slow paced ghost story!!!! ... 6.0/8

Home Sweet Home (Canada-2013) horror

A serial killer makes himself at home while waiting on the family to show up. Low budget that had some promise but that was about it ... 3.0/8
At the Earth's Core (UK-1976) Sci-Fi with horror elements.

Oh boy, an absurd classic. Peter Cushing plays a care free eccentric scientist who takes a trip with his buddy David in a drilling machine ship thingy where they end up in some strange land at the center of the Earth. They find strange deadly creatures as well as a telepathic race of giant bird like creatures. The set was awesome and Cushings was excellent had me laughing as he never seemed to worry about what was happening but more
amazed at the discoveries around him.... 4.0/8

Cloud Atlas 7/8

I've seen it 4 times now, and it's still an impressive film. Not many films out there tackle stories of this scope successfully, and I think they totally nailed it.
Agree with Crusaders, Cloud Atlas was excellent...I was expecting it to be a good film and it far exceeded my expectations
Side Effects is in my top 10 of the year so far (likely doesn't finish there though). I really enjoyed it, as I do most Soderbergh films. Jude Law and Rooney Mara are great.

Have not seen Broken, but it sounds intriguing. Netflix?
Man of Steel - 4/8

Entertaining, but quite ambitious. I never read the comic, so I don't know if the storyline was fabricated or true to the saga. Just seemed like Transformers, but with Superman.
Picnic at Hanging Rock (Australia-1975) : Drama/Horror

We are in Australia at an all girls school in 1900. It is Valentine's day and the girls are going on a field trip to Hanging Rock. Everything is fine until 4 of the girls go missing. There is much more going on in this film that I can understand. A lot of symbolism, oppressiveness, feminists, the loss of innocents yadda yadda but hey, it does get creepy for about 10 minutes but unfortunately this film didn't hit me like it did for most others.... 4.0/8

Silent House (US-2011) Drama/Horror

This is an Indie film that is actually a remake of a 2010 film called "La Casa Muda". Like the original it is shot in one continuous take (actually it's not but they make it look like it is) that takes place in real time. Sarah is with her dad and uncle at their run down vacation house which they are fixing up to sell. It doesn't take long until Sarah starts to hear strange noises. With no electricity, no working cell, it gets dark quick as night falls and Sarah starts to freak out. This was actually better than the original but since it is built on build up the first hour can be boring.... 5.0/8

Il rosso segno della follia (Italy-1970) Horror

Mario Bava directs "Hatchet for the Honeymoon" about John a bridal shop owner who murders brides to be. John admits that he is a paranoiac and is haunted by his wife... 5.0/8

In the Dark Half (UK-2012) Drama/horror

Some incredible acting in this low budget indie film that is overly depressing. Marie is a 15 year old girl who's mom is wrecking the house explaining that she is trying to fix it. Marie babysits for the crazy neighbor but one night the 6 year old kid starts chanting something and drops dead. Marie is convinced that she upset the spirits that live on the hill and feels responsible. The story is a bit choppy and really isn't that clear but it works with the atmosphere. Slow moving but kept my interest.... 5.0/8