Western Reserve coach on leave. Accused of vaping THC in bathroom.


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I can't imagine a school accepting this from any of their coaches. The article says that he was supervising kids right after the incident. That will make it difficult to get a job in the near future with most schools.


He should be fired, if he was stupid enough to bring this to the school building and do it there, putting those kids in jeopardy with his antics.
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Go on the Wkbn post on Facebook it’s crazy how bad people are backing the guy
I stand corrected...I guess it’s not a big deal to smoke an illegal drug in the middle school, except that after reading the article he would appear he knew it was wrong...he may want to claim some type of mental illness, plenty of evidence of that.


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The people defending him on FB is unreal. HE WAS GETTING HIGH IN SCHOOL, AROUND KIDS!!!!!! Its not that hard to understand that that is not ok.


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I'm not going to say I've used a THC vape pen before:), but I'm really surprised someone said they could smell it. Unless he ends up charged with a felony, I doubt he loses his teaching license or pupil certificate. He might not even lose his job. A teacher from my local area was caught buying oxy's in the school parking lot, did a stint in rehab, charge was reduced and she's back in the classroom. The teacher's union is a powerful organization and there are steps in the contract that have to be followed in these situations.


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Western Reserve did fire a teacher last year for being drunk in the classroom and alcohol is legal. Tough precedence to break.