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  • Hey 67, sorry for not noticing this sooner! I think you got your answer in the thread, but it should either be at Stambaugh or the practice field. If you're headed in from Perry you'll probably be on 193/422 east off of 680 south. If it's at Stambaugh, you'll see it at the 5th avenue exit. If not, just go past 5th avenue and continue on that service road until Wick avenue. Make a left, then go swing another quick left as if you're headed back on the westbound ramp/service road. The first street on the right will be Bryson street and you should find adequate parking. on that street with a lot on the right side.
    Hey Spartan. How are you? Do you know where the Ursuline scrimmage would be? It is at Youngstown. they play Tusky Valley. I just wondered. YSU? Thanks. Perry 67. My grandson plays for Tusky.
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