Weirdest things you've eaten


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pickled octopus as part of an Aruban appetizer platter - too chewy

Snapping turtle stew is gross. The kitchen prep visuals are not good, so that may have played a part in the overall experience.


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Crocodile I guess, and it really does taste like chichen. And God know what I ate during 10 days in Thailand.
Tail meat tastes like chicken. The parts that get turned into sausage tastes more like kielbasa. I'm pretty sure I've had both alligator and crocodile but it's been a while.

I've had toad (not frog legs but actual little deep fried balls of breaded toad meat). On a sandwich with lettuce and mayonnaise. Was pretty tasty but not worth the cost.

Now frog legs in Rayne, Louisiana, the frog capital of the world, some frog legs are really good at several different shops I've been to. Not the same anywhere else. I'm guessing freshness matters.

Crawfish as well. I'll make some at home if the price is right. But buying them even in season is pricy. When I'm in Houston or Louisiana I always try to get Crawfish.

I love oysters, but again that's usually seasonal and usually a big issue for taste if not the freshest.

I've never had tongue or tripe. But I have had snoot, which isn't really in my list to try again. And chicharrones tacos tastes like rubbery fat. But it's not exactly a weird food. Just an odd way of cooking. Pork rinds are much better since they're dry and crunchy like potato chips.

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Not necessarily weird, but definitely different. Had cornish hen for the first time last night. Slightly more tender than standard chicken, other than that no difference.

Never considered crawfish or oysters weird. I love both.


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Granny fixed me some smoked crawdads once. First though, she needed a little pot.

Pot Smoked Crawdads

Besides that, sushi would have to be the weirdest. Pretty tame and pretty yuck. 😣
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