Week #13, #3 Glenville vs. #2 Shelby

As a Shelby fan I can honestly say the defense is ultimately what will lose the game. While they have cleaned it up over the course of the year, just the game last week against Van Wert alone is enough to be a huge concern. Glenville is not this year’s Van Wert and as we all know they have many D1 commits. Most D4 programs could only dream of having a roster like that at this level.

Along with gaping holes on the D-line, they have a history of having problems dealing with speed. Just remember watching the West Holmes game last year and watching Williams-Dixon absolutely blow by every defender on the way to the end zone. Shelby has good athletes but I don’t see team speed like Glenville has.

Good luck in the game tonight. Not losing hope but at least I hope they make it somewhat competitive and who knows what can happen.
In case you were wondering: