Week 1 Games at Hall of Fame Stadium


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Updated list of games for August 28-29 at Tom Benson. The games I have seen so far are:

Bishop Gorman (NV) vs. Massillon (OH)
Duncanville (TX) vs. St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)
Becton (NJ) vs. Wood-Ridge (NJ)
Long Beach Poly (CA) vs. Erasmus Hall (NY)
St. John Bosco (CA) vs. Miami Northwestern (FL)

Central State vs. Howard (NCAA)

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5 games and only ONE Ohio team 😂😂😂 There will be 4,000 people there and 3,000 will be mck fans.
Hey it’s Labor Day weekend want to go watch 2 teams from CA and NY play each other... 🤪

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The Black College Hall of Fame Classic is scheduled for Sunday, September 6th at Benson. Central State v. Howard.
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Tickets are going to be $25 and only good for one game.
Way too much.

I plan on traveling to like Illinois for a game that day anwyays. The venue is smaller and they don't charge nearly as much to get in. I will officially be working and taking pictures at the event so that will be cool.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a better camera? I currently am using my flip phone that has a VGA camera with only a 1 time zoom. Referees get mad when I go onto the field to get the closeups so I am looking for an upgrade.


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So let's put a dream slate of 5 games...all Ohio teams that don't typically play each other. Mix of small and big schools.

Kirtland vs Marion Local
Orrville vs Ironton
Hoban vs Trotwood-Madison
Mentor vs Elder
Canton McKinley vs Pick Central


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I am aware of that; I have seen them already on ESPN though. I'd be more interested in matchups that have more of a Regional Flavor (or even teams from states contiguous with Ohio), JMO that's all.
I'm surprised that more Ohio teams, etc. weren't on the slate. No reason for casual fans to see teams they've never heard of.
I’m guessing at least two of the high school games are on Sunday. Long weekend and no NFL that weekend.

NFL Network aired the Black College Hall of Fame Classic last year. Not sure if they are involved this year.


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Other states can get five games in at the same location in one day. I am sure it could be done, but being its being played in Ohio, I doubt it will.
I have watched 6 of the high school teams play (2 in person) I would go, if I was going to be in state. You have a nice NFL like stadium, great talent on the field and overall not a bad location.


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Canton McKinley is NOT a part of any weekend football showcase if the event even takes place per CCSD AD
Homewood-Floosmoor has always been a 1-year deal at Benson and is a stand-alone game.