WCH may be saying goodbye......


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Saw this story on the news yesterday and my heart went out to WCH......may god and his cell mates have mercy on him:)

(Harrison, Ind.) – A mobile meth lab was discovered on Interstate 74 Wednesday afternoon.

The find was made during a traffic stop of a red minivan on I-74 eastbound in Harrison, near the New Haven Road exit.

The Cincinnati Regional Narcotics Unit, HazMat, police, and fire crews were at the scene handling the lab.

It is unclear if anybody was taken into custody.

Police busted a mobile meth lab on I-74 in Harrison Wednesday.

Now, Robert Dwayne Gerber, of Trapp, Kentucky, is facing charges.

The discovery was made during a traffic stop of Gerber’s van on I-74 near the New Haven Road exit at about 11:00 a.m. Officers found inside the vehicle chemicals used to make methamphetamine.

Gerber is in jail in Hamilton County charged with Illegal Manufacture of Drugs and Illegal Assembly or Possession of Chemicals for Manufacture of Drugs. He could be arraigned Thursday.

I will keep everyone posted........:)

Oh...and I am sure he is flattered you think of him outside of yappi. He must of made an impact. He said he would sign on....but the dumb forgot his pw to yappi....so.
nah.....im just trying to bring a little life to this board and thought it would work with WCH mentioned. rumor has it he was going to be the front runner for the annual best poster tourney!

Ok, I am back. I guess since enough of you complained to yappi he sent me some cash to post again for a limited time. I might call this posting period " all good things must come to an end tour".

As far as the meth....I took off before they could catch up to me. I hid out in Cracker Barrel and acted like I was shopping. Ended up ordering some catfish when I was hanging out. Pretty darn good tbh.