VASJ Vikings Basketball 2019-20


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Although it’s only June, I thought it was appropriate to open up the thread for the upcoming 19-20 season as the new enrollment figures have been released. Here is some good news and some bad news.

The good:
VASJ remains in D-II and will very likely be placed back at Lakeside with Lake, Harvey, Perry, and Glenville.

Also Benedictine has been bumped back up to D-I for this season. Outside of the matchups during the year, the Vikings will not see Benedictine at any point in the postseason.

The bad:
Pending on what happens in the Canton District tournament D-II, it will be a pick your poison of who you want to see in the Canton Regional, last years defending regional champ Akron Buchtel will return a talented squad but standing in not only their path but also possibly the Vikings, will be the return of St.Vincent-St.Mary after a year in D-I. Unless something crazy happens, expect Buchtel or St.V in Canton.

Another will be a talented Lutheran East squad being bumped to D-II from D-III as they represented NEOH in Columbus last year. Pending on where they are placed (hopefully in Stow and not Lakeside) it is a possibility of seeing Lutheran East in Canton.

Thoughts, the postseason run will still have to run through an Akron team assuming the Vikings advance to Regionals for the 8th year in a row. I’ll post back later as the schedule is posted this fall.

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