top ten greater cincinnati? (records)


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The quote above is excerpted from post #679, which is the latest version of this event that I can find.

According to my records the following should be added to this list.

1:52.82 2006 William Johnson Lakota East State 1st

Also my records differ for the 7th entry. Can you recheck that entry.
Our Lakota Records currently show;

1:53.57 1984 Jim Hedrick Lakota State 5th

Which is a slighly worse time and a slightly better finish in the state meet.
Nick Cedillo (Madeira, 2016) won the D2 800m state championship with a time of 1:53.38


Lancers lead the way!
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Has a master document been created and posted for this list? I'd love to be able to see it.
A nice google document or even better create a google sheet for each event and allow it to grow beyond the top 10 and maybe have it grow to the top 50.


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Here is a tentative FAT 1600 meter run top ten. FAT wasn't used until 1981. Updates are requested. Mile times have been converted to 1600 times. Hand held times have been converted to FAT.

1600 Meter Run

1. 4:05.94 2000 Mason Ward Colerain Golden West Inv. 4th
2. 4:07.23 1969 Reggie McAfee Courter Tech. State 1st
3. 4:10.06 2000 Jerry Claunch Lakota East Regional 2nd
4. 4:10.14 1994 Doug Bockenstette La Salle State 1st
5. 4:11.36 2000 Steve Padgett La Salle Regional 3rd
6. 4:11.79 1985 Jim Hedrick Lakota State 2nd
7. 4:12.62 1998 Adam Thomas Fairfield Regional 1st
8. 4:13.34 1997 Earnie Ziegler Harrison District 1st
9. 4:13.84 2000 Allen Bader La Salle Regional 4th
10. 4:14.04 1988 Ritchie Shepard Milford State 2nd

It's pretty shocking that St. Xavier and Elder can't put anyone on an all time top ten list in a distance event. La Salle, btw, has three, more than any other school on the list.
Thank you!