The Hunger Games

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Michael Bluth

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I've read all the books. Really liked the first two, wasn't a big fan of the final chapter. Thought the first movie was decent.

Just saw Catching Fire yesterday and thought it was fantastic. Very, very good adaptation from book to movie. Better than the first.
I have read all three books too. Catching Fire was my favorite. The 3rd book, was my least favorite. It's been a year or so since I read Catching Fire and I'm reading it again now before I go see it in theaters over Thanksgiving weekend. I'm looking forward to it. I enjoyed the first movie, so it sounds like I will enjoy this one too.
Never really got into it but from everyone who insists on telling me about it anyway, they were absolutely blown away. Don't think I've had one person say "The first was better than the 2nd."
Still kind of indifferent on the series. Books were okay and the first movie was decent. Hearing really good things about Catching Fire though. Plus, Jennifer Lawrence omg.
I went through a year long phase where everything I posted was "omg _________"

Lol if I say that it's usually "OM F'n G" and I'm not very happy about something. OOOOORRR she's got a REALLY nice arse. But it has to be top shelf to get that kind of reaction.
How recently ?

2010. gocards believed that Chris Heisey should play all three outfield positions at one time because he was in love with him + held him tight like a small kitten, so I always responded to his Dreams of Heisey™ with 'omg heisey.'

It caught on and was popular for about a year. Probably one of my better contributions to
All of my contributions are great. People just don't like it when their pre-conceived notions about sports and sporting heroes are challenged. Same w/ my Larry Bird thread that had everyone wobbling.
I don't mind an author stealing an idea and making it into something else but when Suzanne Collins claimed that she had never heard of "Battle Royale" then I question it. She is the "Led Zeppelin" of the movie industry......
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