SyFy's New Series "The Expanse"


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East I don't remember that Bobby scene from the books so it probably was actor created.

The book's authors do expand the story quite a bit. What happens this season sets the stage for much bigger events in the future.

It's a slow build of a story for sure. The series is remarkably true to the books. And unlike Martin's GOT the Expanse writers structure the books into a TV series friendly format and flow. And given the highly productive nature of the Expanse authors I'm confident these two can keep ahead of the series.

As an aside I always thought this book was the one that propelled Amos into orbit as the best and most interesting character. I also like Bobbie and Christjen. Loved Fred Johnson though he had a bigger role in the books.

They also nailed it with Marcos. The right combination of legitimate grievance and horrific insanity.


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Marcos' story is spread out over so much time, I think this is one change the tv writers should have considered. People like their villains in-season. After an entire season away and he really has had very little screen time even this season, he comes as if out of the blue let alone having the ability to pull off such a coup. The big bad needs some story time equitable with the hero(s) in order to be convincing I think.