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Congratulations to Alex Boone on making the First Team All-USA Today team. He was Ohio's only representative for 1st or 2nd team.
I would definently question the OSU program. I mean one violation in a year is fine. But when like the school is in the news about something every two weeks, thats something else.

Edge check your PM's

Do you still need to be dugout?

Hook that kid of yours up to a sled and have him start pulling. It's good for Siberian Huskies, so I bet it's good for lineman too.
If I am Alex, I stay at Ohio State where I have dreamed of playing and representing the home state. Realizing the Maurice Clarrett thing just gave the school major (bad press) headlines and hopefully this will all will end after the kid is drafted. Also infractions, dui's, etc are happening all over the nation on many other top teams. They just aren't getting the same publicity. Always going to find a few bad apples wherever you go.
I think OSU has more problems than reported. I know playing at Ohio State is a dream but this could turn into a Nightmare. With all the distractions at Eds this year why not play for someone that your going to wonder what is going to wrong today. This program will be under a microscope for years.
My three snowplows at home did a great job of digging me out last week! Edge , I have to agree with JJ I think a switch to ND would be a great move for Alex. Although after reading the Sports Section this morning, Alex would be one of the smarter Greater Cleveland players at OSU ----- I'd put money on the fact he knows where the Alamo is and at least some of it's history. Sorry Ted Jr.
It's difficult to say what's going on at OSU. There certainly have been an unusually high number of knuckleheads lately.... But some signs indicate it may just be alot of bad luck.

1. Jim O'Brien: Did anyone think this was a guy who would pay players? OSU got burned bad on this one. They purposely went out to find the cleanest coach they could find. Hard to blame Geiger.

2. Maurice Clarett: Everyone knew he had an ego... But his HS schoolwork was very much in order and he was recruited by EVERYONE. Another case of bad luck for the Buckeyes in my opinion.

3. Irrizarry: Another kid who seemingly had it together in HS.

4. Albert Dukes: How do you talk to a kid and come away saying "I bet he's going to rape a 12 year old"?

Some positives: OSU easily lead the Big 10 in Adademic All-conference players. Some may say it's b/c they took AIDS awareness and basket weaving... But if you go down the list and look at the backgrounds of the students and their majors, you will see they these are actual STUDENT athletes from good solid backgrounds. OSU had 22 Academic AA's. Michigan I believe had 9. Half of Michigan's AA's majored in General Studies or Phys Ed.

OSU has declined to offer several ELITE ohio and national prospects b/c of grade or character issues and these kids have been snapped up by rivals. Ray Williams never got an OSU offer. Javon Ringer waited for one that never came. Freddie Lennix's offer is contingent on him getting his scores up. They yanked Miles William's offer and he just got into (big) trouble up at MSU. They yanked Derek Morris' offer and he has been troublesome at NC State.

Basically what I'm saying, is that OSU has not sold their soul to the devil in the recruiting process. Their admissions standards for football players are higher than practically every Big 10 school except Northwestern.

And if you look at the number of Academic casualties in the Tressell era vs. the Cooper era there is no comparison.

Something working for and against Ohio State is the location. No other school in the country of Ohio State's caliber and popularity is located in such a major metropolitan area. You've got USC and those kids are starting to get some fame.... But LA is not a sports town. They never sell out their home games. All other Big 10 schools along with the Notre Dame's, Oklahoma's, etc are in isolated college towns. No other team in the country has a newspaper with a circulation of 200,000+ where the college team is the #1 sports story year round. That makes these kids major local celebrities on a much larger scale than most other schools.

Graduation rates are up, grades are up, and admissions standards are up, and Tressell is winning the big ones (Bowl games and Michigan). 14 players were drafted by NFL teams last year. If you compared the Wonderlic scores of the OSU players to some of their rivals, they stacked up VERY favorably.... Especially to Miami. Gamble was really the only one with an embarrassing score.

Do they have things to work on? ABSOLUTELY!!!! Do I think they've been the victims of some bad luck and oportunistic media? Absolutely.

For instance, Miami freshman Willie Williams who was the nation's #1 LB recruit last year, was admitted to Miami despite having an arrest record as long as his arm (13 arrests I believe). He was arrested on his UF recruiting trip. Just this week he wrecked "his" late model Chevy Tahoe with custom everything while driving down to their bowl game. Will ESPN do a feature on how an indigent college freshman can afford a $50,000 SUV, the $120 in gas each month, and the $150 insurance each month? I doubt it.

I hope Alex sticks it out with the Buckeyes and I hope they can get the Knuckleheads in line. If things continue to spiral, I wouldn't blame him for bailing.
JazzyJeff said:

Excellent response.

May I ask what client you billed that last hour to? :laugh:

One guy I know bills $200 an hour and he's out skiing for the next 5 day's. Doesn't stop him from billing every day this week. :laugh: Usually he is so confused he is billing clients who's cases have been closed for months. :laugh: Didn't stop him from reaching the top of his firm. :eek: :laugh: I just can't wait until tv comes out with a reality show about lawyers and what they do day to day. :cool:
Nice feature article in the St.Edward (2004 Winter) Magazine. The article is about the St.Edward High School Graduates Soar as United States Air Force Cadets. Kevin Quinn '03 and Shaun Carney '03 are two of the five Eagles attending the Air Force at this time.
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eaglemercenary said:
On the board for now:

1. Open

2. Shaker

3. Ontario Thomas More

4. Elder

5. Open

6. Buffalo St. Frances

7. Glen Mills

8. Wildcats

9. Moeller

10. Bengals

Any changes or updates on this?? What about sites for each game?
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The Cooler King said:
Any changes or updates on this?? What about sites for each game?

The Eagles could be slipping in a top Div.III team in week #5.

Week # 1 could be a team the Eagles faced off against in 2004 that's from the Greater Cleveland area.