Springfield Spartan Hoops


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0-2 to start the year early, but promising work by the jr high program getting an early win. Moles and Terry have the middle school trending up. How many games is the varsity gonna win with the new young head coach?


As far as the jr high goes I would like to see a little more fire on the 7 th grade staff.
i am not sure who the old guy is that coaches the 8 grade but i kno they got a win against a teal good teem.
i have heard the 2 young coaches are being groomed to take over. Goodluck boys.
I new shs varsiitty would start winning. They just needed too start jelling. Coach gets after them good. They willl finish in top halfof legue. Can’t wait to see what happens after break when they get back at it
They will battle it out with Field and Ravenna in the bottom 3 of the conference. Some decent youth on the team though. Hopefully, they will continue to grow together.

Coach Cole did a good job restarting youth basketball in that community.