Regular season matchups you'd like to see!

La Salle v. Hoban. Most combined D2 titles in the last decade, but have never played each other.
LS v. TCC. Harder with the Irish joining the Detroit league, but would be interesting.
LS v. Ursuline. We've never played them, but would make for a good matchup.
LS v. Iggy. The rest of the GCL schedules them on occasion.
LS at Avon. I understand that, being a public school, they may not have the travel budget for a regular season game, but I really respect their coaching staff and program, and would love to drive up there for a game.

In short, any solid D1-D3 program within the state that would play us, so we could get our out-of-state schedule back below 3.
Cleveland Heights vs Chardon would be a nice random triple option battle. Im also begging anybody who is proposing MSML vs Eds to actually watch the games this weekend
* Steubenville vs Ironton and Massillon Washington
* Jackson vs Coldwater, Versailles or Marion Local - MAC faithful would appreciate the Jackson stadium
* West Jefferson vs Mogadore - small school traditional powers
* Wyoming vs Kirtland
* Clinton-Massie vs Wheelersburg
* Mechanicsburg vs Nelsonville-York