Region 18 Final: Coldwater (12-1) vs Liberty Center (13-0)

Who wins?

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Valiant effort by the cavs as it was much closet than most expected.
As usual, the creme rises to the top and that was the line play of LC. Very stout and solid on both lines and that is the recipe to brat CW.

Good luck to LC moving fwd.

Back to rgw drawing board for CW. Tough schedule next with rhe valley view and Clinton Massie to start. Let's hope we use thar CM game as a learning experience vs stout run teams and find some way to stop it.

Thavoice is forever the optimist and so excited to see our green and white neighbors with a huge win vs Badin. So stoked for the Dawgs. Still 2 chances foenthe MAC...keep it going Flyers and Tigers
Coldwater needs to find a running game whether it be the QB or a rb.
Congrats to LC on a very hard fought win. Congrats to Coldwater on another successful season.

Hats off to posters like @StateChampion2012 and @Thavoice and the rest of the Coldwater followers. Always some of the classiest fans, humble in victory, gracious in defeat.
This 👆. Always look forward to the CW faithful on here. When they’re not facing an NWOAL team I pull for them. They’ll be back like usual.