Portage Trail future

Is the PTC dead? With Crestwood and Youngstown Christian out after this year - only 4 schools left.
What a shame for what was once a solid 10 school league.


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Hopefully all are accepted to the MVAC. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
The problem is there’s 15 MVAC schools starting next season. There’s no easy fit for 4 schools. Especially with the 3 tier itcl experiment that was one of the big reasons for implosion. They accepted the AAC schools but the divisions are staying the same format. I hope they figure something out and they can add the 4 portage schools, we’ll see


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I hate to say it but Crestwood administration/school board isn't the smartest. They can't pass a levy but let's add travel time and costs to the budget. They have no direction and flip flop on every issue. The community overall wanted to stay in PTC. I expect the board members who voted for this move to be gone next election. Disclipine at the school is bad. Need to start over from superintendent down to Football coach.