Phillip Seymour Hoffman found dead

Big time talent that was only 46 years old, killed it as Truman Capote. I think he lived in the same neighborhood as Heath Ledger.

Really could f-up the next couple Hunger Games movies as he was one of the top 5 characters with regards to importance so they cannot just write him out.
Not to seem insensitive but, there goes my first choice for the biopic.

Addiction is a disease, not a preference. It's sad that he wasn't able to get help in time to save his life.
Addiction is a disease, not a preference. It's sad that he wasn't able to get help in time to save his life.

Definitely a choice to put a substance into your body that is known to be addictive. I'm with BCB on this, no pity, he made choices that eventually lead to his untimely death.
Didn't BcB start a thread a few years ago about a family member or family friend that was found dead? We didn't know that person, so were we still supposed to believe that it was sad?
I would have guessed heart attack before drug overdose, but either way it sucks. He was easily one of the best actors right now.
Nobody is crying. But a man lost his life at 46 and left three children behind because he had a disease. It's sad. It's unfortunate you can't realize that.

I feel sad for his family he left behind with his selfish actions. You should be more sensitive to my opinions.
Your point? All I'm saying is it's sad to see happen.

No one denied your right to be "sad," or criticized you for it.

Why are you criticizing others for not being "sad?"

I may miss his work but the means pretty much negated any "sadness" I would feel over his death. People getting robbed frequently and killed occasionally by people looking for money to feed their addictions or as bystanders in shooting wars between people spreading these drugs. His income went to fuel that war.

I don't feel "sad" that it caused his death. He wasn't an "innocent." He was a combatant. He got to choose his cycle of life. Not everyone does.
It's tough to say. With things like coke or heroin, where dependence is almost guaranteed, you have to question the actions of the person who even tries it. I think 99.9% of people would stay away just because they know how dangerously habit forming they are.
"The dark asbestos lining of every publicized drug related death is asshats doing high and mighty, just sayin', moral opining about it."
Going through life not trying things is a scary and naive way to live.

Exotic foods, traveling, maybe swimming with dolphins or sea turtles, sure. At some point, the risks outweigh the "YOLO". Skydiving, hand gliding, base jumping, heroin, cocaine. I would think most people stay away because of how easily they could be killed.