Olympic Team Trials/Last Chance Qualifier


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Qualifiers for Olympic Team Trials:
57kg- Sean Russell, Zane Richards
65kg- Evan Henderson, Mitch McKee
74kg- Chance Marsteller, Vincenzo Joseph
86kg- Gabe Dean, Nate Jackson
97kg- Ben Honis, Braxton Amos
125kg- Tanner Hall, Jordan Wood

I think the name that sticks out the most is Amos, who hasn't wrestled an official college match yet and will be at trials. Couple of 2x NCAA champs qualified with a bunch of AAs. No Mark Hall, Jack Mueller, Pat Lugo, Ryan Deakin, or Alec Pantaleo at Trials next week.
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McKee wrestled back for true second. Marstellar looked good. Dean is really solid. Amos wrestled back for true second and won Greco. He qualifies in both styles before he's wrestled his first college match(as Yank said) Honis beat him in a last second gut in the semi. Henderson looked pretty good.
Russell surprised me.
As has been alluded to, Hall isn't quite "there" nor is Lugo. Pantaleo surprised me the most. I believed he would be wrestling next weekend.
Fun couple days of wrestling. Next weekend's Olympic Team Trials has been a long wait. Excited for it.


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Hall looked very much undersized. Lugo is much better than i thought, he had 2 tough loses. Mitch mckee is just way too much fun to watch


Hall is in between weights. He's probably best suited for the weight Dake is at in the non-Olympic years. Pantaleo is also in between weights it would seem, probably more suited for that James Green weight class in the non-Olympic years.


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Hall and Pantaleo are at the only Olympic weights they can make. Correct?
I would assume so. When Pantaleo made 149 at Midlands a few years ago he underperformed and went back to 157. I have to imagine 143.3 would be extremely difficult. I think Hall said after his last Junior World title (2017) that it would probably be the last time he makes 74 kg. Heck, his Cadet World title in 2014 was at 76 kg - the UWW Cadet weights do have wide spreads in the upperweights, but that is a long time to hold your high school weight.