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The REAL Ohio High School Wrestling Tournament - CAN'T WAIT

106 - Beric Jordan over Javaan Yarbrough
113 - Marcus Blaze over Max Hermes
120 - Dillon Campbell over Jaxson Joy
126 - Brennan Cernus over Omar Ayoub
132 - Ty Wilson over Jake Niffenegger
138 - Nate Burnett over Cameron Lacure
144 - Joey Blaze over Ethan Birden
150 - Keegan Knapp over Gavin Brown
157 - Conner Euton over Logan Ours
165 - Max Ray over Dylan Newsome
175 - Luke Geog over Brody Conley
190 - Dylan Fishback over Seth Shumate
215 - Logan Shepard over Kyle Snider
285 - Aidan Fockler over Todd Allen

The 165 semi-finals with Ray, Newsome, Slone, and Lillard would be worth the cost of a ticket.


113-Blaze beat Hermes
165-Lillard vs Newsome
175-Conley over Geog
215- Shephard vs Shulaw
Some of these matches have already happened. At 165 there's the top 2 of Lillard and Newsome that's an intriguing match. Lillard has already beaten Slone and Slone pinned Ray last year.



i was there and Conley beat one ranked kid.. Luke beat Welsh from Ashland 7-0.. Conley beat him a couple weeks later 3-2 in OT.. Luke wins every time
Pretty sure winning Ironman would have to make Conley the favorite. Conley also beat Welsh last season at sectionals 5-0. At Ironman didn't Conley also beat the #1 or #2 ranked kid in the country to win. I'm not saying it wouldn't be a close match but I would still have to say Geog would NOT be the favorite.


No he was on the other side of the bracket and you can call this an excuse if you want but Luke lost in OT to Wask who’s currently ranked 3rd (all these elite guys are close) with a 104 temperature that day and then wrestled back through the next day and wrestled Wask again for 3rd and won fairly handily
Conley has beaten Wask 3x now, he's never lost to him. Sorry I was thinking of the wrong kid, Jack Wehmeyer is who I was thinking of, not Wask.
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Ours and Euton is probably a toss up.. I know Ours finished ahead of Euton Ironman but I don’t think they wrestled and you can’t always go by one tournament as I just made the argument.. lol
I believe Ours Teched him at freestyle duals this summer


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We are discussing folkstyle correct. Some of these kids don't wrestle freestyle.
As for the Conley vs Geog argument, I would probably bet on Conley in a tight match. Lillard vs Newsome is interesting, should see that one at state. Give me Ours and Ernest


106: Beric Jordan is the state's best, and I don't think it is particularly close.

113: Marcus Blaze is head of the class here. Currently Brogan Tucker would be second best, the in-season win over Blum is the best for anyone in said pool; Cuerbo is the most broadly productive of the challenge pack.

120: Dillon Campbell is ahead of everyone, and it's not close. I'm going Joy for second, though with DNP's in his last four major's (U16 FS, S32, IM, Powerade) the drop to the field is not much (McCrone, Fenton, Avalos, etc.)

126: Cernus is best here with a clear gap to second. Second would be among a group including Shore and the D1 challenge pack (Ayoub, Brugh, Jett, D'Alessandro most notably).

132: Niffenegger has not hit this weight yet on the season. As a result, it is between Ironman placers Wilson and Castro, with Castro getting the head-on win in the final at North Canton.

138: Niffenegger beat both Burnett and Ayoub at Ashland so he is the head of the class, though each was a one-score match. Lacure and VanDyke would be four and five among OSAA kids (Cartella in the mix if allowing for WRA).

144: Blaze is best, Birden is second, Gessler is third.

150: Brown has had the most productive resume of those in this w/c. Earnest does have the head-on victory at Ironman though. Not a strong w/c in a national context.

157: Ours and Euton are 1/2, no real other options.

165: Lillard is best. I'm not sold on his national ranking being so high at 170. Newsome and Bennett are next in line with decent sized gap to Slone, Gartrell, and Takats, et al.

175: Pick one b/n Conley and Geog, I don't really care. Welch is third then there is a drop.

190: Fishback one, Shumate two. McDanel and Donahue probably next in line though based on IM, Schaffer fits in somewhere.

215: Shulaw does have two wins over Shepherd, but has the absolutely bad loss to Howard from earlier this month. Shepherd has the most productivity with JN FS AA, S32 2nd, IM 2nd, Beast 3rd. It's between those two for top spot with Neves, Snider, and Russo next in line.

285: Kohlhofer has the head-on over Neves, who has the best in-season resume so far (Neves with wins over Boersma (IL) and Jones (IN) in December). It's those two then anyone else.