Ohio State Buckeyes 2020


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Fields isn't seeing the field, he has a lot of time; hit the open guy

When the offensive line doesn't give Fields all day and his first option is covered, Fields is not good

Wade is back in the draft :)
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Great pick 6!

For the first time in a while I don't get coach Day's plan. Coach Day's job is to win football games NOT get Fields a Heisman Trophy. Given Fields struggles today and the fact that OSU has OVER 250 yards rushing before the end of the 3rd quarter why the hell is Ohio State even throwing the ball?

Cut it out, RUN THE DAMN BALL and win the game.


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WTF. Fryfogel just picked two DBs. These plays are illegal. Didn't even run a route just ran straight at the DBs and blocked before the pass was thrown.


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As long as the WR looks like he is running a pattern it will not be called.

Dare to say it but do the DBs miss Hafley?