NFL offers NFLPA to play zero preseason games leading up to 2020 regular season


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The 2020 preseason looks like will be scrapped entirely as the NFL has offered the NFLPA to play zero exhibition contests this summer, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. This is a major step as both the owners and union try to hammer out each and every detail for what will be a very unique 2020 season as the league continues to deal with COVID-19 related issues.

It has been the NFLPA's stance from the start to play no preseason games and allow players more time in training camp to ramp up for the regular season, but the league had been reluctant to erase it entirely until now. Previously, the preseason was cut in half from four games just two. On Monday prior to this latest report, CBS Sports Jason La Canfora relayed that the NFL had sent a previous proposal to only have one preseason game. With this proposal now out there by the NFL, it's only a matter of time before the NFLPA accepts and we'll go straight from training camp into the regular season for 2020 with zero preseason matchups.


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When this started I predicted 2 preseason games to push the start back and as a dry run for when they go to 17 and then 18 games.

Early games are going to be brutal and I feel bad for the rookies and young players who won't get that exoeri nice and reps.
Ultimately I believe in 21 and beyond we have 2 but they did this to appease the vets.


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How large are the game rosters going to be? Seems to me it will be very difficult for any but the top rookie picks to make the team. Coaches are going to go with the players they know. Are they expanding the practice squads?