Name of conference with Streetsboro, Cloverleaf, etc. ?

Yappi, you're correct. Ravenna was the only member of this new Metro league that was a final member of the old Metro league (which became the WRC-South in 1996). Springfield was a member up until 1993, when they replaced Dover in the NE Buckeye Conference. Coventry and Norton were members in the pre-playoff era, from the late '30's until the late 60's/early 70's. Lastly, Field was a member for a whopping TWO years, from 1976-78, after the end of their initial stint in the Portage County League and before leaving for the Suburban League in 1978 (and subsequently returning to the PCL in 1990).


Go Buckeyes
I had heard Field was in it at one time but didn't find any history mentioning them. Glad to see this group staying together.