Midwest Athletic Conference 2020


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Seriously? That's allowed?
Seriously? That's allowed?
City folk have their fun rioting and protesting, those of us in God's Country have our own fun, in a less destructive way!

38th Annual PeeWee/Minor League All Star game last night in Buzzard's Glory under the lights. Big, big crowds! As well as the new playground being packed.



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I posted this same comment on our SWBL thread. But, based on what I saw in SW Ohio during baseball season, I didn't think there was any way that we wouldn't have fall sports. Simply seeing the number of games played, etc. I will say, not many guidelines were followed. But either way, I expected fall sports to proceed. In the past week though, we're starting to see more and more dominoes fall. Some of it is county based, school based, etc. I'm actually really concerned we get to the point where we either won't see a fall season, or it won't be worth competing in the fall to the teams/schools that still look to play. The logistics of it become difficult and finding the proper number of games will be very difficult.

I'm not sure if this will directly affect the MAC as I haven't seen any deviation from fall seasons in schools or counties around them. But it will still have some sort of cascade affect at the playoff level.


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I think we can handle the small school football problem right here in the MAC.

We play a full conference schedule. Add in Fort Loramie and we get 10 games in 11 weeks (everyone gets a bye week).

Whoever has the best record of Marion Local, New Bremen, Delphos St. John's, St. Henry and Fort Loramie is declared the D7 state champion.

Whoever has the best record of Anna, Coldwater, Minster, Fort Recovery and Parkway is declared the D6 champion.

If Versailles goes 7-3 or better, then we invite Kirtland over for a championship game. Winner is declared the D5 champion.

Those should be the same results and what would normally happen anyway.

With no one allowed in the stands, we should be able to get WOSN to pay a decent price for the rights to all games, which they could subcontract out to all parts of a football starved state.


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Self serving MAC post. While many around the state respect the MAC, many hate the arrogance.

That idea is the epitome of arrogance thatany dispise.


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Some great MACtion on WOSN to get us ready for the season.

You can rest assured it will take a state mandate to keep MAC schools off the field.

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Would like to see more newspapers doing webcasts in Ohio. I love how little The Berne Witness stepped up and started doing 2 of the 3 Adams County schools in Indiana for free. Rumor has it that they will be doing all 3 if they have the sponsorship. No reason a few of the Ohio Counties couldn't follow suit with this COVID situation. I'd love to see some Van Wert & Mercer County webcasts. Maybe this could create some media classes at Vantage and the Mercer County equivalent or bring more attention to them.

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More like pee wee football. I mean, gosh, no MAC teams have any paper titles.

What l0sers.
NOW you're getting it. The league and teams in it are small....very miniscule in the grand scheme of Ohio High School Football. Ever see those pee wee football teams that come out during halftime of a NFL game? That's how I picture your league. Simply adorable.