Marion Local opponent for week 2

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I wonder if this pandemic will be an issue finding an opponent now....just a little over 2 months till game 1....appreciate your responses.

One issue will be social distancing on a bus, intial guidance would make it tough for anyone to travel.
Just hang loose until the state announces that no out of state opponents are permitted. At that point there will be more than a few teams that will need games.

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Not saying they drop their game, but if out of state games are not able to be played, why wouldn't Marion Local be a good opponent? I think it would be a great game.
I wouldn’t be surprised if OHSAA or the Ohio Dept of Health would advise against certain out-of-state games being played & telling the schools as such. There’s a difference between Ironton vs Russell versus Pickerington Central and Detroit MLK.


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That hick school would beat them 98 times out of 100.

As if the Ironton area is suddenly big city culture.
Other years I would agree with you but this Ironton is a little different than usual Ironton teams with the Reid Carrico kid and a 2022 player (Trevor Carter )who also has multiple D1 offers. Not saying Marion Local would lose since they return a bunch too but it would be a great game regardless.
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