MACtion Returns


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Of course, this is never mentioned on or the PD, because, God forbid any team other than OSU be written about. Even after the daily fifteen articles on OSU, there must be a little room for coverage of NEO teams, instead of exclusively covering a team 200 miles away.

Surprised to see KSU at 3-0 when I checked this week's MAC schedule. Game with Buffalo (3-0) will be on CBSS for those who have it.


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Rourke got hurt today in Ohio’s blowout of BG. Looks like possibly an arm injury... didn’t look good. Looks like it’ll be Armani Rogers (unlv transfer) from here out. He is a great runner but not good through the air.


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Miami somehow held Patterson to 3.7 per carry.

and OU has given up to a 100yd rusher in every game, even BG. Not a good trend.

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Buffalo is so far ahead of the rest of the MAC in so many metrics (football and beyond) that it's almost not even fair anymore. Hopefully they get a move to the AAC soon.