MACtion Returns


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This was probably inevitable with the loss of non-conference games against Power 5 schools.
At least 10 million.

From USA Today:

Akron: Not impacted

Bowling Green:

at Ohio State (Sept. 5) — $1.2 million

at Illinois (Sept. 12) — $1 million


at Ohio State (Sept. 19) — $1.8 million

Kent State:

at Penn State (Sept. 5) — $1.5 million

Miami (Ohio): Not impacted

Ohio: Not impacted

Ball State:

at Michigan (Sept. 12) — $975,000

at Indiana (Sept. 19) — $700,000

Central Michigan:

at Nebraska (Sept. 12) — $1.3 million

at Northwestern (Sept. 19) — $850,000

Eastern Michigan: Not impacted

Northern Illinois:

at Maryland (Sept. 12) — Unknown

at Iowa (Sept. 26) — $1.15 million


at Michigan State (Sept. 19) — $1.2 million

Western Michigan: Not impacted


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So if the P5 plays this fall, where are the big payday games going to come from in the spring?
If Power 5 actually happens this fall, then maybe MAC can get decent TV money as top football in the spring. Worked great for USFL once upon a time!


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I don’t think spring is likely. Feels like they just said that to offer a glimmer of hope.

I had hope maybe the weekday games TV money might keep the MAC alive this fall but even beyond the P5/G5 split their are haves and have nots in the MAC and it was clear that for some of these schools this just wasn’t going to happen


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I doubt they have a spring season either, unless they manage to get a boost in TV $$$ with additional weeknight games.


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What college football programs in Ohio haven't cancelled their fall season (yet)? Hard to keep track, but is it tOSU and UC and ...?


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Sept 12th 2:19pm... watching K State against Arkansas State.

Are you sad or glad?
You were duped by calculated panic porn from MSM.
Glad there is football, but sad it’s incomplete. No Big 10 and Pac 12 is awful. I always wanted to see football played at all levels, but I didn’t see it happening the way virus positives are being handled. Quite frankly, I’m still not sure we’ll get through a season at any level without every team being quarantined at some point. I don’t like it, but that’s how it’s being handled.


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This was probably inevitable with the loss of non-conference games against Power 5 schools.
Not really. Playing those schools is a small percentage of their budget. MAC schools operate off 75% student funding. With COVID Ohio U is down 4,000 students. That’s 4 million less funding to the athletic budget.