IVC 20 - 21

Who knows what the future holds but hoping everything stays as is and we get a basketball season. Football has been going very well in the IVC with guidelines and all. What all does the IVC have coming back on the hardwood this year? Ridgewood lost some key players but will have Tingle, Patterson and Hamilton back so should be a solid team again coming off their regional appearance last year. Hiland will still be Hiland and have plenty of fire power. I expect Garaway to be much improved being as young as they were last year as far as the south goes. Malvern will be the dominant force in the North I will presume with all they have back. Looking forward to another year of IVC hoops and good luck to all
How will the changes of TV and SV going to the South and Buckeye Trail and Newcomerstown going North affect their divisions. Will any teams be able to make an impact?


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I think Buckeye Trail should move up in the league standings , by moving them to the North Division, but I think it's Malvern in a run away, South Division could be real dog fight,I could see the South Division champs, with as many as two or three losses


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Doesn't matter if it's Boys Or Girls basketball, it starts and stops with Hiland
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