Invitational Race Formats?

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With the season starting Monday, who is pushing forward with going to invitationals of up to 150 runners and who will stick to duals, tris or quads??
All of the meets we are going to are limiting to 150 runners in each race. More races are being added. The practical end of things is that most "invite" type of meets are going to be limited 20 runners, 10 in the varsity race and 10 in the open race. Sounds like a few may add a third race or second open event.

This will really only impact the big teams. We are starting to see more weekday JV meets, which is probably the appropriate response. Chance that one of your top 7 coming from out of your top 20 right now is low.

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With the season starting Monday, who is pushing forward with going to invitationals of up to 150 runners and who will stick to duals, tris or quads??
I imagine most will do both: Attend as many invitationals as were on the original schedule and fill in the cancelled meets any way they can.

Thus far, my school has only had 1 invitational cancelled (3rd weekend), and that vacancy will be filled via a meet vs. 4 or 5 other local teams who all have relatively small numbers of runners. The meet my school plans to attend on Saturday is only allowing 10 runners per team and won't be adding any JV races. The invite for the 2nd weekend used to run only 1 race per gender but is splitting it into varsity and JV races. However, they are requesting that all runners be able to finish in 30:00 or less, and they are planning to adhere to the recommendations of 150 runners or less, so some JV runners could be left out. A school nearby inquired about running the 4th weekend because said school is not in the NE District, so it can't attend the Boardman Invite, and therefore, has precious few options for that weekend. Also, the information on Boardman suggests they may allow only 10 runners per team. Anything is better than nothing, but the restrictions on race sizes could make it a tough year for JV runners. It'll look more like other sports where playing time is finite and not guaranteed. Beauty will be in the eye of the beholder.

1 of the big schools down the street cancelled its opening weekend invitational and will instead run a 5-team meet. The invite the school was planning to attend the 3rd weekend was cancelled, so they're hosting a true invitational in its place. I imagine many of the other teams invited were ones that usually attend that same meet that was cancelled.

Our county meet's varsity races will be OK at 7 runners per team. The girls JV race had exactly 150 finishers last year. The boys JV race may need to be split in order to accommodate all runners as it had 224 finishers last year. Instead of splitting into a JV race and an open race, I'd prefer to see a junior/senior race and a freshman/sophomore race. Last year's middle school races had 226 boys and 179 girls finish.


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Doesn't it just seem prudent to start off with smaller meets and not go full max week one? Ease into the guidelines to make sure it can be done on a smaller scale and then ramp it up? Get some pictures out there on social media showing complete compliance and not risk pictures of chaos? I have zero confidence that football people will follow any of the guidelines, so Cross Country might have to be extra good to keep it going. I do not think there has ever been a line I haven't crossed or rule I didn't question, but I don't even want to be close on this one. 150 = <100 right now... I should have never wondered over to the Football Forum. Now, I'm paranoid.


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In the Western Reserve Conference, each fall sport athlete is allowed two tickets to give to family members in conference competitions - including football. Stands meant to hold a couple thousand will have a couple hundred at best. I think the kids and most of the parents are all aware of how tenuous things are, including football.


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What changes have been made to volleyball, soccer, golf or football? Based on XC rules football shouldn’t be allowed to huddle and be forced to play flag football. You’re not allowed to pack run at Billy Goat 😂


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Seems like there are still plenty of meets going on. I think Woodridge is going to run Wal$h and Kenston this weekend at Wal$h. I'm sure there are meets out there that aren't on Baumspage.

There are some meets that I've been to where the schedules are terrible for one division or another, or bad if a school has their MS and HS teams both there. It seems like a lot of that mess is worked out with how meets are having to group things. Who knows, maybe we might learn different better ways to do things. Maybe not, but it really seems like everyone has put a lot of time and effort into making this work.