Hubbard 2020


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2020 Varsity Schedule

Creston Norwayne - Away
Howland - Away
East Cleveland Shaw - Away
Struthers - Home
Lakeview - Home
Girard - Away
Niles - Home
Poland - Away
South Range - Home


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I'm hearing some good things coming out of the weight room early on. Caffey is slowly turning into a monster and has lived in the weight room since the season ended. Not exactly sure who they're going to start at QB. The freshman would provide a huge mobile burst but the passing game would be non existent. The senior is built like a tight end with a pretty good arm but not much confidence. If the senior can figure out how to put it together he could have a great year. Regardless it should be the Caffey show. Hopefully some of the newcomers step up behind him.

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The line was their bread and butter, they need to get that taken care of first, struthers the same but struthers will not be a line reliant team like they were under Kuntz