How many pitchers for your HS Varsity?


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How many pitchers does your school use in a regular rotation? And if they use more than one, how much do they use the second, third, etc pitcher(s)?


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Last year my daughter's team made it to regionals. They used one pitcher the majority of the time, but had a couple others that picked up a few innings here and there. I would guess the #1 pitcher threw 90% or better of the total innings played.


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One really good one is sufficient (see Lebanon a few years ago). A couple of average pitchers to play against the rec filled teams is helpful.


If you have a dominant pitcher as has been said they're gonna get the large majority of the innings. I would guess most teams sans injury aren't gonna go more than 2 deep.


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Pitching is an area all schools try to develop as many ladies as they can but realistically for most schools they have one that gets the majority of innings and a second that may start a handful of games vs. weaker competition..
If they are lucky teams may have one lady on JV that may be able to get varsity innings and a position player that can throw a few innings.