How many beers do you think you have consumed in your life?

How many?

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You argued that the degree to which one type of pizza differs from another type of pizza is greater than the degree to which other varieties of the same type of food differ, such as pasta. I easily disagreed.
LOL. I think e_p deserves some sht pasta after today's performance. I admired the trolling on BCB, but everything else has been WCH-weak.
I may be over 10k but went with 1001-10k.

When I was in college we'd get 30 packs of Miller high life for only $9.90 at Walgreens.
ive been told ive drank nothing in my life except alcohol. Ever since I was conceived my momma was drinkin nothing but brewskis and whiskeys. Me growing up along the Appalachian trail had no streams of water only streams of moon shine. me and my sisters all of which ive had children with agree that beer is the only good thing to wash down our back wood moon shine. yall welcome for the incite of my life on the Appalachian!