Hoban 2019-2020


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Hoban’s new coach is Pam Davis, formerly at Canton McKinley.

It should be interesting how she does without a 3x Ms Ohio Basketball on her team.

Also interesting to this story is the reason previous coach Scott Callahan resigned. Evidently his son, who is a basketball player himself, wanted no part of attending Hoban. He’ll be a ninth grader and remain at Wadsworth. His Dad thought it a conflict of interest.


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I’m not buying the conflict of interest angle you theorize. TK Griffith has 2 daughters who played on the girl’s teams over the years.

The kids will earn whatever the kids earn - and the other players know it.

Maybe there are other reasons the son isn’t going to Hoban, but I’m saying conflict of interest related to basketball isn’t one of them.

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I think it’s simply that Scott graduated from Wadsworth and has taught and lived in Wadsworth his entire career. Scott and his kids are Grizzlies. It was pretty well known here here that Scott was going to leave Hoban so he could watch his son play.