Hammer and Cleveland Force earn Full ECNL

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Announced last night. Also the 8th GA club in a month has abandoned the platform for the ECNL. 7 for full ECNL 1, for ECRL. Including Tiffany's Club the Utah Royals. Force was DA last year and initially joined the GA before dropping that and going ECRL.


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The ECNL RL is a joke! Glad to see another local team get into ECNl. Will be a matter of time before the DA I mean GA moves on.
WATERED DOWN FOR SURE. I've actually recently seen AT LEAST 3 GA teams SMOKE ECNL teams, and 99% of the players I work with are at 27 different ECNL clubs. The difference? ECNL coach arrogance and the fact I've seen a dog turd have more creativity in the final third than ANY ECNL club. MOST GA clubs I've seen play ACTUAL offensive soccer instead of the ole' ECNL logic of relying on Corners/ free kicks to try and win 1-0. But all of the exact same 'possession drills' during training EVERY SINGLE PRACTICE, DAY IN AND DAY OUT FOREVER are really helpful. :LOL::ROFLMAO:
Earn might not be the correct word.

Cleveland Force was bottom of the DA in basically every age group except 2006.

Kings teams aren't exactly lighting up the world.

You can put lipstick on a pig, but guess what it still is


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I think it’s well-deserved and earned by the KH club. As a parent, it’s good to have options in this regard. We now have OE and KH, the “good guys/gals”, the latter with their rich history across age groups and broader/deeper footprint. If you lean towards the dark side, you have the third big club in the city, the dumpster fire that is the Evil Empire, with their growth strategy entailing such slimy tactics as sending classmates over after games to recruit (u11) and getting the really good kids of those shifty and weak-minded parents who never lived through (or appreciated) Magic, Bird or Jordan (or the soccer equivalent).
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